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Tibet Tour – Places Require Military Permit

Update: Feb. 7th, 2012

Rutog County

Military Allowance is needed if you want to make a visit to some of the frontier defense regions or places on the national border of China during the Tibet tour. The following are the places where Military Permit is required:

Places Require Military Permit - Shigatse Prefecture

Zhongba County – Pianji Village, Yare Village, Tsadong Village, Naqu Village, Payam Village, Gera Village, Horba Village

Saga County – Changguo Village, Xiongru County, Jiezang County

Niermu County – Chongdui Village, Bolong Village, Menbu Village, Xiaozuo Village, Nelong Village, Yadong Village, Zham Town

Tingri County – Gangga County, Yunqiong County, Dongba County, Rongxia County, Tsaxizong County, Lamudui County, Qudang County, Basong County, Tsaguo County, Zha County

Kangma County – Kangma Village, Shamada Village, Xiongzhang Village, Gala Village, Nieru Village, Dui County, Nierumai County.

Yadong County – Kangbu Village, Duina Village, Jiru Village, Pali Town, Xiasima Village

Gangba County – Changlong Village, Gongbalou Village, Longzhong Village, Zhike Village, Kongma Village

Tingge County – Riceng Village, Saer Village, Qiongze Village, Tingge Village, Dorbuzha Village, Chentang District

Jilong County – Gongdang Village, Tsa Village, Sale Village, Jilong Village

Places Require Military Permit - Shannan Prefecture

Cuona County – Cuona Village, Langpo Village, Mama Village, Jiba Village, Le Village, Gongriri Village, Kuju Village, Dongga Village, Kada Village, Zhadong Village, Gusong Village

Longzi County – Qusong Village, Yumen Village, Maqidun Village, Douyu Village, Sanlin Village, Zhunba Village, Jiayu Village

Luozha County – Bianba Village, Lakang Village, Lalu Village, Lajiao Village, Guju Village, Mu Village, Youjimai Village, Se Village, Sangyu Village, Qucuo Village

Places Require Military Permit - Nyingchi Prefecture

Milin County – Milin Village, Lilong Village, Wolong Village, Qianggang Village, Pai Village, Dan Village, Nanyiyueba Village

Lang County: Jindong Village

Chayu County – Zhuwagen Village, Chawalong Village

Medog County – Medog Village, Beibeng Village, Dexing Village, Gedang Village, Damuluoba Village

Places Require Military Permit - Ngari Prefecture

Purang County – Xiongba Village, Gangsa Village, Gongzu Village, Bangren Village, Kejia Village, Xide Village, Duoyou Village, Jirang Village, Cide Village, Rengong Village

Tsada County – Tuolin Village, Dongga Village, Bolin Village, Qumudi Village, Xiangzi Village, Reshi Village, Jialin Village, Luba Village, Shibuqi Village, Sarang Village, Riba Village, Daba Village, Dongbo Village, Qulong Village, Diya Village, Chulusongge Village

Rutog County – Rutog Village, Wujiang Village, Zhuangdajiao Village, Guoba Village, Deru Village, Dongru Village, Songxi Village, Dorma Village, Baobijiagang Village.

Gaer County – Suomai Village, Gaerxin Village, Namuru Village, Mendog Village, Suoduo Village, Zhaxigangdo Village, Rumu Village, Langma Village, Qujiao Village

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