How to Go to Tibet – Xinjiang-Tibet Highway
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How to Go to Tibet – Xinjiang-Tibet Highway

Update: Jan. 21st, 2012

Xinjiang-Tibet Highway

When concerning about how to go to Tibet, Xinjiang-Tibet Highway will be a good choice for tourists who would like to take a Tibet expedition tour.

Xinjiang-Tibet Highway starts from Kashgar in Xinjiang Province and ends at Shiquanhe Town in Tibet Autonomous Region. It stretches 1455 kilometers, climbing over 5 mountains with an altitude of more than 5000 meters. It is the highest highway above the sea level and is the most dangerous Tibet highways.

Xinjiang-Tibet Highway plays important role in the communication of western Tibet. 130 kilometers of the highway is more than 5000 meters above the sea level. It is also noted for its magnificent natural landscapes along the way. It climbs over Kunlun Mountains, Gantise Mountains and stretches along the southern valley of Himalayas. It passes through the grand waste land in western Tibet. The endless gobi desert and snow-covered mountains would be the most common landscapes along the way.

Xinjiang-Tibet Highway will lead you go across the depopulated area in Tibet. Crowds of wild animals will rush into your eyes, including Tibetan kiangs and Mongolian gazelles. The landscapes of Karakoram Mountains with changeable weather, the noted Ruins of the Guge Kingdom, the holy mountain – Mt.Kailash, the holy lake – Mapham Yumtso, and the cradle of Gelug Sect – Sakya Monastery are available along Xinjiang-Tibet Highway.

The continuous snow-covered mountains and densely distributed lakes, as well as the easily visible wild animals along Xinjiang-Tibet Highway made it the best choice for tourists who would like to make an expedition tour. Both the tourists and the vehicles have to face the test of the plateau environment and the difficult condition.

Xinjiang-Tibet Highway is the main communication passage of the people and materials in Ngari Prefecture. Lhasa is the best start point for tourists who would like to make an expedition tour and appreciate the natural landscapes along Xinjiang-Tibet Highway. Tourists have to experience the suddenly altitude changes and deal with the possible altitude sickness. If you start the expedition tour from Lhasa you have adapt yourself to the changeable plateau environment.

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