Tibet Tour from Kathmandu - Zham Port Feature, Tips
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Tibet Tour from Kathmandu - Zham Port Feature, Tips

Update: Jan. 23rd, 2013

Zham Port

Tibet Tour from Kathmandu - Zham Port

Zham Port is located in a sloping field of middle of Himalayas with 2300 meters high. It is a small town built against the mountains. The natural scenery around this town is very beautiful, the modern buildings and ancient wooden houses are built on both sides of the road. Many tourists of Tibet tour from Kathmandu are deeply impressed by the glamour of this small town.

Zham Port is also the only one overland treaty port of Tibet. Chinese people and Nepalese always doing business at here. There are about 1000 Sherpa people living in this small town.

Zham Port is about 90 kilometers away from the Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Therefore Tibet tour from Kathmandu always chooses to enter Tibet through this town. In Zham Town, there is the No. 14 highest mountain of the world, Shishapangma Peak. There is also full of dense forests, fantastic glaciers and different sizes of lakes.

Tibet Tour from Kathmandu - Zham Port Transportation

In winter, there is only one bus driving from Zham Port to Lhasa on Monday, and will drive back on next Tuesday. But there are some buses between Shigatse and Zham Port. Tibet tour from Kathmandu through Zham Port should pay attention to the bus schedule. Or tourists can choose to rent a car to Lhasa or Shigatse.

Tibet Tour from Kathmandu - Zham Port Features

Zham Port belongs to subtropical zone with humid climate and beautiful sceneries. The houses are usually built in 2-3 floors with the stone, wood or the brick. There are lots of streets and crossing due to the special location.

When you walk to the end of the street, it is Nepal frontier inspection. When tourists walk through here, many people would like to talk to you. They always have much exchange money.

Tibet Tour from Kathmandu - Zham Port Business

China always imports rice, flour, chili, and perfume and exports wool, tea, salt and Tibetan medicine to Nepal.

Due to the special location of Zham Port, this free market is very important to the people. When you out of Nepal frontier inspection, there is about 8.7 kilometers forward from the Friendship Bridge is China.

People living here are free to go 30 kilometers around the frontier.

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