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Tibet Tour in September

Update: Aug. 23rd, 2012

Tibet Landscape in September

Tibet always presents a distinct natural landscape in autumn. The charming natural landscapes of mountains and lakes on Tibet Plateau in September keep attracting a large number of tourists to make a Tibet tour in September. September is also thought to be the best season to make some of the natural scenic spots in Tibet, such as Mt. Everest. Tibet Tour would like to provide some useful information related to the weather condition and some highly recommended scenic spots.

Tibet Tour in September – Weather Condition

Frequent night rain and obvious temperature difference between day and night are the main characteristics of the weather condition on Tibet Plateau in September. Generally, it would not rain during the daytime. The rainy season would be passed quickly around later September and October. Hence, autumn is said to be one of the best seasons to visit Tibet. To better adapt to the changing temperature in 24 hours, tourists making a Tibet tour in September are highly advised to increase and take off the warm clothes according to the temperature.

The sky would always looks more blue and clean in the morning after the rain stops. The strong sunshine radiation during the daytime makes the temperature increases rapidly. Both the health care and safety during the Tibet tour is greatly related to Tibet climate. Tourists making a Tibet tour in September are highly advised to pay close attention to the climate change and adjust your schedule according to the weather condition.

Tibet Tour in September – Namtso Lake and Mt. Everest

Namtso Lake and Mt. Everest are two of the most highly recommended natural scenic spots for tourists planning a Tibet tour in September. It is said that the oxygen content in the air on Tibet Plateau is much higher compared of that in the other seasons. Hence, tourists planning a Tibet tour in September might be better protected from the possible altitude sickness due to the high altitude here. Besides, autumn is also the best season for tourists to do some trekking activities around Namtso Lake since the natural environment here is in its best state.

Besides, September is also said to be one of the best months to visit Mt. Everest Base Camp for the visibility is much higher compared to the other season. Tourists making a Tibet tour in September here would have the chance to witness the most clear and magnificent natural landscape of Mt. Everest. The amazing sunset glow and sunrise landscape here will make your lifetime Tibet tour more unforgettable.

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