Tibet Tour from Kathmandu - Sino-Nepalese Highway
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Tibet Tour from Kathmandu - Sino-Nepalese Highway

Update: Jan. 23rd, 2013

China-Nepal Highway

China - Nepal Highway is the only one international direct highway of Tibet. It is convenient for Tibet tour from Kathmandu. It leads to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, through Lhasa, Shigatse, Tingri, Nyelam, Zham, and Friendship Bridge. It is about 943 kilometers long.

China - Nepal Highway was opened to public since 1965, large numbers of tourists have travel between Nepal and Tibet on this road.

Tibet Tour from Kathmandu - China-Nepal Highway Start-stop Destination

No. 318 National Road is actually called China-Nepal Highway, as this road is border on Nepal through Tibet. It originates from Shanghai crossing the frontiers of eastern and western China. When No. 318 get into Tibet, it finally leads to Kathmandu.

China-Nepal Highway is also called Sino-Nepalese Highway. It has been constructed through Shigatse, Sagya, Latse, Nyelam and other towns of Tibet, which has 829 kilometers long. In Nepal, it crosses Kodari and other towns, which has about 114 kilometers long.

China-Nepal Highway (Sino-Nepalese) has been started constructing in June, 1963 and opened to public in May, 1967. This road has been built over the Himalayas. It is magnificent.

Tibet Tour from Kathmandu - China-Nepal Highway Condition

According to the history date, China-Nepal Highway has about 67 kilometers of second-level oil circuit, 251 kilometers of third-level oil circuit. And there are about 430 kilometers of sand road.

The road condition of China-Nepal Highway is complicated, as this highway is situated in diluvial layer and plateau of Himalayas. The terrain, geology, hydrology and climate is complicated.

Tibet Tour from Kathmandu - Zham Port

Zham Port is the only one opened overland port of Tibet to other countries. It is important for the business between China and Nepal.

Tibet tour from Kathmandu have to go through this China-Nepal Highway (Sino-Nepalese Highway).

Tibet Tour from Kathmandu - China-Nepal Highway Tips

As of now, the subgrade of China-Nepal Highway is 7.5 meters in width, and the road surface is 6 meters in width. The speed per hour is about 30 kilometers.

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