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Tibet Tour in August

Update: Aug. 22nd, 2012

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A large quantity of tourists would rush to Lhasa to experience the festal atmosphere of Shoton Festival. The natural landscapes of lakes and mountains are also at their best state. Tibet Tour would like to provide some useful information about Shoton Festival and notes for tourists planning a Tibet tour in August.

Tibet Tour in August – the Top High Season of Tibet Tour

There is no doubt that August is the top peak season of Tibet tour. Both the natural landscapes of lakes and mountains are in their best state. The fascinating holy lakes and magnificent mountains attract a large number of tourists here in August. The cool climate here made Tibet one of the best summer resorts in China. A large quantity of tourists willing to make a Tibet tour in August though the cultural spots here are always crowded with tourists.

The tourism resource on Tibet Plateau is always in short supply during the top high season of Tibet tour. Tourists planning a Tibet tour in August should deal with the train/air tickets booking and hotel booking matter in advance. Besides, the most noted cultural relics in Lhasa, such as Potala Palace, also required tourists to book the entrance ticket in advance. The tourism cost would be relatively higher compared to the low seasons. To decrease tourists' budget, Tibet Tour explored several group tours for tourists' reference.

Tibet Tour in August – Shoton Festival

Shoton Festival is one of the most solemn festivals for Tibetans. Generally, it would be celebrated in August and the celebration would last several days. It is also called Tibetan Opera Festival for Tibetan Opera plays important role in the celebration of Shoton Festival. Tourists planning a Tibet tour in August during the Shoton festival could also enjoy the most solemn Buddha Exhibition ceremony, the most exciting Tibetan Opera performance, as well as the yak racing performance and Tibetan song and dance. In a word, tourists could witness the most magnificent festival scene bustling with noise and excitement.

The Tibetan Opera performers from various regions of Tibet would collect at Norbu Lingka during the Shoton Festival. The performance would last for several days and people would also rush to Norbu Lingka to enjoy their performance. Besides, a series Tibetan style food and handicrafts would also be made especially for the celebration of Shoton Festival. Making a Tibet tour in August, tourists would have the chance to experience the most hilarious festal atmosphere.

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