Lhasa Tours in Winter
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Lhasa Tours in Winter

Update: Oct. 31st, 2012

Lhasa Tours in Winter

It is widely accepted that summer is the high season of Lhasa tours while winter is the low season of Lhasa tours. Tibet has left tourists a deep impression that it is severe cold there in winter. Actually, Tibet is not as cold as we imagined before we enter into Tibet. It is even warmer than some cities in Northern China since there is a long sunshine duration during the daytime.

Reasons of Lhasa Tours in Winter

Most tourists would like to do a Tibet tour between May and September since the weather here would be more pleasant. Tourists planning to join the Lhasa tours in winter could enjoy a more leisure and comfortable trip. Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and some other cultural spots were always crowded by people in the high seasons. Make a visit to these spots in the low season, tourists could explore the history and culture slowly.

It is much more economical to take part in the Lhasa tours in winter than in the high seasons. The transportation and accommodation are relatively cheaper in the off-season. The entrance fee of the cultural sites in Tibet would be much cheaper than that in the peak seasons. Tourists planning a Tibet tour in winter are advised to make a visit to Shigatse and Ningchi. They are places suitable for sightseeing all year around.

Notes of Lhasa Tours in Winter

Tourists planning to join the Lhasa tours in winter are highly recommended to make a visit to the historical and cultural relics in the city rather than the far away natural scenic spots due to the weather condition and road condition in the winter. Tibet is not as cold as we imagined, but it snows frequently and some of the sections of the road are always blocked by heavy snow.

During the Lhasa tours in winter, tourists should make a good preparation to protect you from the cold injury and the snow-blindness. As all we know, the high mountains on Tibet Plateau are always covered by snow and the snow-blindness might occur to you under the strong sunshine. Hence, tourists are highly recommended to prepare a pair of sunglasses and sunbonnet.

Besides, tourists are also advised to keep warm and get far away from the cold injury during the Lhasa tours in winter. Cold-proof gloves and arctic caps which could keep the ears warm should be prepared. Tourists are advised to change your socks frequently so as to keep your feet dry and warm. Tourists are also advised to massage the parts where the cold injury happens frequently since a good blood circulation would prevent the cold injury effectively.

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