How to Travel to Tibet during Saga Dawa Festival
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How to Travel to Tibet during Saga Dawa Festival

Update: Dec. 3rd, 2012

Tibet Saga Dawa Festival

Saga Dawa Festival is a traditional festival in Tibet, which usually held on April 15th every year according to Tibetan calendar, in Longwang deep pool back to Potala Palace. On this day, Tibetan will gather together in Longwang deep pool to enjoy the performances. The water in Longwang deep pool is very limpid and green especially in spring and summer. Some Tibetans would like to overview Lhasa city after climbing the pavilion of Longwang Deep Pool, some prefer boating for a while, some are just talking with friends, or families on the grassland while drinking some butter tea. All of them are very happy.

On the other hand, another character of this festival is giving alms. You will see a lot of beggars along the road on this day, besides many believers crawl on the way. Some follower pretend to be the beggars to enjoy getting the wishes from other people. You know why lots of beggars will be seen on this day? Buddha told us to do many good things on this day so that we could get double or more good fortune in the future. If someone does some bad, he or she will get the retribution for evildoing as well. So many Tibetans will insist to have vegetable only on this day instead of meet.

How to Travel to Tibet during Saga Dawa Festival - Photography

The best season for photography during Tibet Saga Dawa Festival is April 15th according to Tibetan calendar.

The best place to have a photograph is Jokhang Temple, Longwang Deep Pool, and Linkuo Road, etc. Many beggars, believers, and walkers form a worthy cultural scenery on this day.

The best scenery and feature of Tibet Saga Dawa Festival is turning a circle around Linkuo Road clockwise. It will last to 2:00 am next day.

Tibet Saga Dawa Festival Saga Dawa Festival

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