Highlights of Tibet Tour from Shangri-La
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Highlights of Tibet Tour from Shangri-La

Update: Nov. 30th, 2012

Songzanlin Monastery

Shangri-La is located in northwest of Yunnan Province, the southeast border of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the south section of Hengduan Mountains. It is the place integrating natural landscape and human landscape. Among various sight spots in Shangri-La, the highlights you should not miss in your Tibet tour from Shangri-La include Dukezong Ancient Town, hilarious Guozhuang Dance, Songzanlin Monastery, flower ocean and Bigu Heavenly Lake.

Highlights of Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Dukezong Ancient Town

The Dukezong Ancient Town in Shangri-La was important town on ancient Tea Route. The ancient flagstone walk, traditional square street and antique folk houses are showing the long history of Dukezong Ancient Town,

Now, there are various shops, restaurants, bars and hotels in Dukezong Ancient Town. It has become a good place for shopping and relaxing. In the Dukezong Ancient Town, you will see the giant prayer wheel on the mountain top in Daguishan Park when you head up. When you have Tibet tour from Shangri-La, you can go to rotate it to get blessed. Then, you also can have a panoramic of Dukezong Ancient Town at the mountain top.

Highlights of Tibet Tour from Shangri-la – Hilarious Guozhuang Dance

In the evening, various Tibetans and travelers will gather at the square in Dukezong Ancient Town, and form several circles with music to dance happy Guozhuang Dance. For people who work hard for the whole day, to dance Guozhuang is the best way to relax. For travelers, it is a best activity to experience local custom.

When you dance with local Tibetans, you will immerse in the happy and harmonious atmosphere.

Highlights of Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Songzanlin Monastery

Gedan Songzanlin Monastery is the largest Tibetan Buddhism monastery in Yunnan Province. It has the reputation of "Small Potala Palace. It was built up in 1681. The fifth Dalai Lama gave the name of "Gedan Songzanlin Monastery".

The Songzanlin Monastery faces south. It is a five-floor building in Tibetan style. There are 108 columns in the down hall which is the auspicious number in Buddhism. The hall can contain 1600 person to chant scripture at the same time. When you walk in the hall, you will feel and solemn and grand atmosphere. In the main hall, there are bronze statues of fifth Dalai Lama, Tsongkapa, fifth Dalai, etc.

Highlights of Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Grassland and Flower Ocean

When you have Tibet tour from Shangri-La, you can choose a sunny day to stroll on grassland and flower ocean. It will be very nice to enjoy the white clouds float under the blue sky and large area flowers.

The blooming azaleas in Small Zhongdian are really a feast for the eyes. The vast blooming flower ocean and the white clouds under the blue sky will make you feel like staying in paradise.

Highlights of Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Bigu Heavenly Lake

The Bigu Heavenly Lake is located on the mountain top at the altitude of 3500 meters in Shangri-La. It is about 51 kilometers away from Zhongdian county town. The limpid and serene water in the lake makes it like a beautiful girl lying in the flower ocean. The 30 square meters around the Bigu Heavenly Lake is covered by virgin forest. The water in the lake sets off the forest more mysterious.

The Bigu Heavenly Lake is also the ideal habitat of birds. You will see various birds flying there.

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