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Shannan Tour

Update: Dec. 5th, 2012

Scenery of Shannan

Shannan Tour – Brief Introduction of Shannan

Shannan is located in the river valley from Gandisê Range to North of Nyainqêntanglha Range, middle stream of Yarlung Zanbo River, south border of Tibet. There are 12 counties, 24 town, 56 countries and 596 administrative villages in Shannan Prefecture. The total population of Shannan is 318,000, including Tibetan, Meiba Nationality, Luoba Nationality and other 11 nationalities. Among them, 96 percents of population in Shannan is Tibetan.

Shannan Tour – Climate of Shannan

The annual average temperature of Shannan Prefecture is 7.4 degree to 8.9 degree. The summer in Shannan in short and cool, while winter is long and dry, with frequent strong wind, long frozen time and large temperature range of daytime and night. Hence, Shannan is also named "Valley of Southern Tibet". The average altitude of Shannan is about 3700 meters. It borders on Lhasa at north side, connects with Shigatse Prefecture on west side, connects with Nyingchi Prefecture on east side, and borders on India and Bhutan on south side. Its boundary line is as long as 630 kilometers.

Shannan Tour – Highlights of Shannan

Shannan is the cradle of Tibetan and birthplace of civilization. Many celebrities in Tibetan history were born in Shannan. Shannan created magnificent and colorful Yarlung Culture and various first one in Tibetan history with her largeness of mind and intelligence. There are various historical relics and rich tourism resource in Shannan. There are both grand mountains and rivers and mysterious holy lakes; there are both picturesque virgin forest and refreshing vast grassland; there are both grand Yajiang Fall and well-known historical relics. Just in Yarlung Scenic Area, there are 7 scenic areas and 58 sight spots. It is a place gathering entertainment, leisure, scientific research and exploration.

Shannan is located between Gandisê Range and Himalaya Mountains. Shannan is the birthplace of Tibetan. It is with long history, rich culture, beautiful scenery, pleasant weather and convenient transportation.

The fertile land of Shannan gave birth to the first Zanpi, first palace, first autonomous field and first scripture in Tibetan history. In Shannan, there are the only national key scenic spot in Tibet – Yarlung Scenic Area, 9 state-level key units of cultural relics protection and over 50 historical relics. It is the prefecture with most historical relics in Tibet. The natural resources in Shannan are rich and distinctive. There are vast grassland, mysterious holy mountains and lakes, picturesque Zhari fairyland, grand Yajiang Fall, pearl on plateau – Yamdrok Lake, beautiful glacier, etc. All of these landscapes will make you reluctant to leave when you have Shannan tour.

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