Benefits of Making a Tibet Tour in Winter
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Benefits of Making a Tibet Tour in Winter

Update: Dec. 7th, 2012

Bome Landscape in Winter

There is a misunderstanding of Tibet tour in winter among tourists who knows little about Tibet. They hold that winter is the blackout period of Tibet tour since Tibet would be a world of ice and snow in winter. Actually, it is a good choice to make a Tibet tour in winter and a series of promotion activities regarding the Tibet tour products in winter has been carried out to attract tourists interested in Tibet all around the world.

Benefits of Making a Tibet Tour in Winter – Climate Condition

Tibet is located at the low altitude and there is bright sunshine even between November and March of the coming year. The temperature is higher than 3-5? in the main cities and towns in winter on Tibet Plateau. Actually, it snows seldom in Lhasa and the snow melts quickly. Lhasa is not as cold as tourists imagined before go to Tibet since the extremely low temperature here is around -10?. The vegetation cover rate in Lhasa surpasses 70 percent with the changing of the climate and the oxygen content increases obviously. Tourists making a Tibet tour in winter will not feel too uncomfortable. Besides, it would be a quite special experience to enjoy the warm sunshine of the plateau in winter.

Benefits of Making a Tibet Tour in Winter – Lower Cost & Better Experience

Tourists making a Tibet tour in winter could also appreciate the rare-visited amazing natural landscape which is not available in any other corners above the sea level. The picturesque natural landscape composed of the white glittering snow-capped mountains, golden prairie and meadows, and the colorful forests would always make tourists be deeply impressed and surprised. Tourists especially interested in Mt. Everest could also make a Tibet tour in winter since the visibility is relatively higher in winter compared to the other seasons. The top of Mt. Everest is always hidden in clouds or mists in the rainy seasons.

There are several important Tibetan festivals would be celebrated in winter. Tourists making a Tibet tour in winter during the celebration of these festivals could further explore into the local folk customs and traditional culture. The local Tibetans would present you a grand banquet of Tibetan style dancing, singing and clothes.

It is said that Lhasa, Shigatse, Shannan, Nyingchi and Qamdo are quite suitable to be visited in winter since the lovely sunshine is always available. Compared to making a Tibet tour in the high season, tourists making a Tibet tour in winter will have more choices in the vehicles and hotels. The price of the accommodation and vehicle renting in winter would be relatively lower compared to the peak seasons. Besides, there would be less time restricts in the visiting-time of the most popular scenic spots in winter, such as Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple.

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