Shannan Tour – Tips of Visiting Samye Monastery
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Shannan Tour – Tips of Visiting Samye Monastery

Update: Dec. 7th, 2012

Samye Monastery

Shannan Tour – Brief Introduction of Samye Monastery

The Samye Monastery, "first monastery of Tibet", is located on piedmont of Zhama Mountain, north bank of Yarlung Zanpo River in Zhanang County, Shannan. It is the first monastery with Buddha, discipline and monk in history of Tibetan Buddhism. Hence, the status of Samye Monastery is irreplaceable in Tibetans' heart. So, how could you miss it in your Shannan tour?

Shannan Tour – Transportation to Samye Monastery

There is scheduled bus to Samye Monastery near Jokhang Temple. The departure time of the schedule bus is 6 o'clock in the morning. The whole journey from Jokhang Temple to Samye Monastery is about 3 hours. The price of bus ticket is 30 CNY per person. The cost of taking ferryboat to cross the Yarlung Zanpo River at Samye Ferry is 5 CNY. After getting on the bank, there are special mini buses and tractors to the gate of Samye Monastery. The price of mini bus is 10 CNY per person. If you do not want to take ferryboat, you can go across the bridge near the ferry.

Shannan Tour – Entrance Ticket and Opening Time of Samye Monastery

The entrance ticket of Samye Monastery is free. But you will be charged 40 CNY if you want to visit the Wuche Hall in the monastery. The opening time of Samye Monastery is from 9:00 to 17: 30.

Shannan Tour – Dining at Samye Monastery

The Samye Monastery Restaurant is in the Samye Monastery Guesthouse. Although the taste of dishes in the restaurant is very common, the quantity is sufficient.

Outside the East Gate of Samye Monastery, there are restaurants supplying Sichuan dishes and Tibetan dishes. The price of these restaurants is moderate. You are suggested to choose suitable one based on your taste.

There are several small shops around Samye Monastery providing mineral water, instant noodles, cookies and other foods. It is very convenient to find foods around the Samye Monastery.

Shannan Tour- Accommodation in Samye Monastery

If you want to spend the night at Samye Monastery, you are suggested to choose the Samye Monastery Guesthouse. The Samye Monastery is in the monastery. It is a simple three-floor high building. The price of each bed is about 40 CNY. In consideration to the special environment of Samye Monastery, you are suggested to prepare sleeping bag. If you choose to stay in Samye Monastery Guesthouse, please note the close time of the monastery. Except north gate, the close time of other gates is 18:00. If you go back to the monastery after 18:00, please come into the monastery from north gate.

If you want to enjoy the fresco in Wuche Hall of Samye Monastery, please take flashlight with you. If you want to take photos, please get permission of Lamas in advance.

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