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Tibet Trains – Luggage

Update: Nov. 1st, 2012

Tibet Train

After the Qinghai-Tibet Railway put into operation, more and more travelers would like to take Tibet trains in their Tibet tour. In order to avoid any trouble cause by luggage when traveling by Tibet trains, Tibet Tour provides some useful restrictions about carry-on luggage.

Tibet Trains - Weight of Luggage

Each passenger can carry 20 kg luggage; child (including free child) can carry 10 kg luggage; diplomatic personnel can carry 35 kg luggage.

Note: The disabled people can carry wheel chair free. And the weight of wheel chair is excluded in the limitation of 20kg.

Tibet Trains – Volume of Luggage

The sum of length, width and height of each article is limited within 160cm, while the rod-shaped article is limited in 200cm.

Tibet Trains – Forbidden Luggage

Objects which forbidden or confined to carry by the nation;

Dangerous objects specified in laws, regulations and rules, ammunition and chemical products can not be defined;

Animals and objects impeding public heath (including objects with fetor and other odious smell);

Objects can destroy or contaminate the train.

Objects which norm or weight exceed the regulation.

Tibet Trains – Overweight Luggage

Before taking Tibet trains, please know more about the regulations of carry-on luggage. If you are found your luggage is overweight before getting on the train, you will be forbidden to get on the train.

If you are found your luggage is overweight on the train or at your terminal station, the overweight part will be charged extra fee.

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