Tibet Trains – Hard Sleeper Coach
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Tibet Trains – Hard Sleeper Coach

Update: Nov. 1st, 2012

On Tibet Trains, there are 8 hard sleeper coaches, and each of them equipped with 60 sleepers. Hence, there are 480 hard sleepers available. The hard sleeper compartment is 170 cm wide. The hard sleeper is 190 cm long, 60 cm wide and 7 cm thick. The spacing of lower berth is about 85cm, the spacing of middle berth is about 70cm and the spacing of upper berth is bout 60cm.

Tibet Trains – Highlights of Hard Sleeper Coach

The coaches of Tibet trains are better than some other trains. Although the level of hard sleeper coach is lower than soft sleeper coach, it is better than the hard sleeper coach on common trains. There are six hard sleepers in each compartment, equally fixed on the two opposite sides. The luggage can be placed in the luggage compartment in the top part of the compartment. Hence, the hard sleeper coach looks very clean and tidy.

Tibet Trains – Facilities in hard Sleeper Coach

Except for routine quilt, pillow, thermal bottle and tray, there are oxygen supply facilities at the head of each berth, top light, and smoke alarm. On the passage of hard sleeper coaches, there are current source which can be used to charge. In hard sleeper coach, there are public squatting toilet pans.

Tibet Train – Oxygen Supply in Hard Sleeper Coach

Comparing with other hard sleeper coaches, the hard sleeper coaches on Tibet trains are more enclosed and more comfortable. There is an oxygen supply straw at the head of each berth. After passing by Golmud, Tibet trains start to supply oxygen. Passengers can uptake oxygen through the straw. Furthermore, there are oxygen supply ports outside the compartment.

Berth in Hard Sleeper CompartmentPassage of Hard Sleeper Coach

Oxygen Supply PortWashroom

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