Tips for Taking Tibet Trains
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Tips for Taking Tibet Trains

Update: Nov. 2nd, 2012

Tibet Train

After the Qinghai-Tibet Railway was open, Tibet Train Tours become popupalr among foreign travelers for the breathtaking scenery along the way. Tibet Trains also become beautiful scenery on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Due to the high altitude of Qinghai-Tibet Railway, there are some tips for taking Tibet trains should be noted.

Tips for Taking Tibet Trains

Patients with serious heart disease or some other chronic diseases are not suggested to go to Tibet alone, no matter taking train, flights or bus.

Travelers are suggested to do good preparation before taking train, both about health and knowledge, so as to avoid missing any beautiful scenery along the way.

Traveler are suggested to prepare camera. The photos taken on train may not very good. Furthermore, there is current source for charging only in soft sleeper coaches. Hence, travelers in hard sleeper coaches and hard seat coaches are suggested to prepare enough battery.

Travelers may not appear high altitude sickness on the train because there are oxygen supply facilities and heating installation. But travelers will feel oxygen deficient and cold once get out of the train. It is suggested that taking enough cold-proof clothes and avoiding strenuous exercise.

Although there are dining car and food supply on Tibet Trains, travelers are suggested to take some other foods to have during the journey due to the price and taste of the foods on the train may not suitable for you.

Smoking in the coaches is prohibited because the diffusion of oxygen supply in the coaches, especially during the journey from Golmud to Lhasa.

There are some regulations on Tibet trains which must be followed, such as the usage of boiled water, disposal of garbage, usage of washroom, oxygen supply etc.

If there is emergency, please do not panic and follow the command of train crew.

A child shorter than 1.1 meters goes with an adult will not be charged; two or more children shorter than 1.1 meters go with an adult need to buy children ticket. Children higher than 1.1 meters and shorter than 1.4 meters will be charged the half of full fare.

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