Tibet Trains - Soft Sleeper Coach
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Tibet Trains - Soft Sleeper Coach

Update: Nov. 1st, 2012

The Tibet trains consist of soft sleeper coaches, hard sleeper coaches and hard seat coaches. The soft sleeper coaches are the most comfortable and most expensive, and with least berth.

Tibet Trains - Number of Soft Sleepers

On Tibet trains, there are two soft sleeper coaches, with 32 soft sleepers in each one. Hence, one Tibet train is equipped with 64 soft sleepers. Due to the number of soft sleepers is limited, it is always in great demand. Travelers are suggested to book the train ticket in advance.

Tibet Trains - Facilities in Soft Sleeper Coaches

There are four sleepers in each soft sleeper cabin.The compartment of soft sleeper is 200cm wide, and the berth is 80cm wide, 790cm long and 15cm thick. The spacing of lower berth is 100cm, while the spacing of upper berth is 85cm. Besides the routine facilities in hard sleeper coaches, such as quilt, pillow, thermos bottle, oxygen supply facilities, top light and smoke alarm, there are clothes-rack, 14 inches TV (with programs in it), disposable slipper, sockets under the desk (220V), TV controller, earphone, independent light on the head of bed and so on. In each soft sleeper coach, there is a squatting toilet pan and a toilet.

Tibet Trains - Highlights of Soft Sleeper Coaches

In soft sleeper coaches, there is independent oxygen supply facilities, and marked with Chinese, English and Tibetan language

In soft sleeper coaches, there is a LCTV at each berth. Passengers can adjust the TV program and volume through the TV controller on one side of the berth. And the earphone for each TV make you can happily enjoy TV programs and do not disturb other passengers.

Soft SleeperSlipper in Soft Sleeper Coach

LCTV TV Controller


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