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Tibet Trains – Bathroom

Update: Nov. 1st, 2012

Many travelers care the sanitation on the train, such as the condition for brushing teeth, cleaning face and so on. These problems are well solved on Tibet trains, and also become a kind of enjoyment. The elegance bathroom on Tibet trains is available for three passengers at the same time; the hydrovalve also can offer hot-water; the blue and yellow are well matched; rhombic style mirrors, small circle lavatory pans absolutely reached star standard.

On Tibet trains, there are two toilets available at the end of every coach, including Asian toilet and Western toilet. In toilet, the traditional manual flusher is replaced by sensitive touch press-button. Passengers only need to slightly press the button, the water will flow out. The design of colleting contain in toilet used the hydrocone type which same as the airplane. It not only can clear up the smell, without pollution, but also can increase the leakproofness of the train.

In interior of bathroom, there is a red button for emergency. After passengers press this button, the attendants will get there immediately. Furthermore, Tibet trains are also equipped with a special bathroom for disabilities which is more convenience and larger than the common bathroom for three times.

Mirror and Washing PanWestern Style Bathroom

Western Style BathroomSpecial Bathroom


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