Tibet Trains – Environment Protection
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Tibet Trains – Environment Protection

Update: Nov. 1st, 2012

Tibet Train

Due to the ecologic environment of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is very fragile, the demand for environment protection is relatively high. In order to meet the "Zero Discharge" of waste thing and waste water when Tibet trains running on Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the relevant systems on Tibet trains were completed redesigned.

Tibet Trains - "Zero Discharge"

Based on plan, the waste things and garbage on Tibet trains will be cleaned at Golmud. After the waste thing boxes, waste water boxes and garbage boxes cleaned, the trains will come into Golmud section. Hence, the Tibet trains completely can ensure zero discharge of waste things and waste water.

When Tibet trains stop at Golmud Station, there is a special vacuum suction -type sewer scavenger such the excrement on the train into a storage tub It is introduced that the excrement on common trains will be released directly, but the Tibet trains are different. The excrement on Tibet trains will be collected in the wast thing box through vacuum collection equipments and connection tube. The volume of the waste thing box can contain the waste things in 42 hours and do not release.The toilet device on Tibet trains used advance vacuum injector which solved the the effect of plateau low pressure on toilet system vacuum degree and wash circulation. The waste water on Tibet trains will be collected in slop tank through drain pipe, and which can contain 18 hours' waste water and do not need to release.

At the conjunction part of coaches, there is a special domestic garbage compressor. The solid waste on Tibet trains will be processed by this machine.


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