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Jokhang Temple becomes the second National 5A Class Attraction in Tibet

Time:2013-10-10By: LeoSource: Chinese Radio Network

Lhasa Jokhang Temple

It is reported that Lhasa Jokhang Temple was approved as a National 5A Class Attraction recently. Except for Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple becomes the second National 5A Class Attraction in Tibet.

Jokhang Temple is located in the center of the Old Lhasa City. It is an ancient Buddhism monastery with a history around 1350 years. Jokhang Temple was listed on the World Cultural Heritage in November 2000. Numerous visitors come to Lhasa from different corners thousands miles away just to have a close look of the amazing Potala Palace. Jokhang Temple is highly respected as the center of the world by the followers of the Tibetan Buddhism. Numerous devout pilgrims would come to Jokhang Temple for pilgrimage from different corners far away from Lhasa. Tourists who've been to Lhasa by train or by vehicle would see devout pilgrims along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway or Qinghai-Tibet Highway.

Jokhang Temple has been one of the must-visit sites for tourists come to Tibet in different seasons. In the high season of Tibet tour between June and October, Jokhang Temple is always crowded with visitors. The number of visitors at Jokhang Temple would always be the largest during the celebration of the annual Shoton Festival in August. Pilgrims from different corners of Tibet and other regions would come to Jokhang Temple to show their respect to the Sakyamuni Statue in Jokhang Temple and circumambulate around Jokhang Temple to pray for happiness and peace in mind.

Tourists planning to visit Jokhang Temple during your Tibet tour should note that Jokhang Temple would be open to tourists at 8:00 a.m. and close to tourists around 5:30 p.m. Noted as the most pilgrimage center of Tibetan Buddhism, Jokhang Temple has its own traditions and taboos. Tourists should follow the advice of your local Tibetan guide and never violate the taboos in the monastery.

There are many taboos in Tibet and Tibet Tour would like to introduce the most common ones for tourists planning a Tibet tour. Visitors should never violet the taboos in the monasteries in Tibet.

It is a taboo to touch the murals, Buddhism scriptures, statues and religious instruments in Jokhang Temple. It is an impolite behavior to touch the head of the lamas in the monastery or step on their clothes. It is a manner to take off your hat before entering into the monastery. No spitting, smoking or shouting in Jokhang Temple.

The square in front of Jokhang Temple is said to be one of the best places to enjoy the sunshine in Lhasa. On this square, tourists could witness the devout kowtowing pilgrims and murmuring Tibetan seniors rotating their prayer wheels. Besides, tourists especially interested in the architecture could pay special attention to the architectural style of Jokhang Temple. It well integrates the local Tibetan style, Nepal style and central Han style construction features. The most famous street in Lhasa – Barkhor Street is around Jokhang Temple. Various local articles are of great attraction for visitors willing to purchase some souvenirs for their families and friends.

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