Maimo Karst Cave
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Maimo Karst Cave

Update: Jan. 16th, 2013

Maimo Karst Cave

Brief Introduction of Maimo Karst Cave

Maimo Karst Cave is located in Nagqu Prefecture, Tibet. It is famous for a variety of stalagnates, stalagmites and other grotesque natural landscapes in the karst cave. The wall of Maimo Karst Cave is with calcareous rock as main part. The natural landscapes in Maimo Karst Cave were formed by long term leaching. Because of nearby custom and religious culture, the natural landscapes in Maimo Karst Cave are full of magical color. It is one of must-visit sight spots in Tibet tour.

Scenery of Maimo Karst Cave

Maimo Karst Cave is the most magical karst cave among various special natural karst caves on the mountains in each county of eastern Nagqu Prefecture. It is also named "Sect Room of Fairy". The scenery of Maimo Karst Cave is like nature itself and extraordinary as if done by the spirits. In Maimo Karst Cave, there are naturally formed stone stairs. At the entrance of the cave, there is a stalagnate which is as tall as a person on each side of the entrance. The stalagnates in the shape of human are like two persons are guarding the cave. At the place near to the entrance, there is a sacrificial altar which was piled up by stones. On upper side of the entrance, there is a naturally formed white Tibetan world. In addition, there is a naturally formed stone lion at the entrance. After coming into the cave, visitors can see many small caves. In these small caves, there are many pendulous icicles. The drip of water drops in caves is clear and melodious. In the Maimo Karst Cave, there are various ice fragments in many different shapes, like all creatures are reviving.

In Maimo Karst Cave, there are three rocks in the shape of human. People named them the King of the Underworld and his white assistant and black assistant. In addition, there are many natural Buddha statues. To go ahead, there are red and green caves in Maimo Karst Cave. Both of them are too deep to be fathomable. The strong light of electric torch in the cave is like fireflies. You even can not see clearly the place under your feet. According to folk legends, the depth of one of cave in Maimo Karst Cave is over 100 kilometers and the depth of the other one is over 200 kilometers. It is with high value for scientific expedition and exploration.

Tips of Visiting Maimo Karst Cave


If you want to visit the Maimo Karst Cave in your Tibet tour, you can take mini bus. The ticket price of mini bus is from 60 CNY to 100 CNY. The mini bus will depart in the morning and in the afternoon.


In Nagqu Prefecture, there are Nagqu Hotel which is two-star standard hotel, Nagqu Guesthouse and other different standard hotels available.


Cordyceps sinensis that produced in Nagqu Prefecture are suitable tourism souvenirs. The places where Cordyceps sinensis grow up almost are at the altitude of over 4500 meters.

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