What to Pack when Travel to Tibet in Winter
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What to Pack when Travel to Tibet in Winter

Update: Oct. 19th, 2012

Potala Palace

The annual range of temperature of Tibet changes lesser than diurnal range of temperature. But in winter Tibet is relatively colder than other regions of China as it is situated in high land. In winter the max temperature is about 15 ? while the minimum temperature coul be about -5 ? in Lhasa. In Naqu, the max temperature is about -20 ? while the minimum temperature is about -5 ?. In Shigatse, the max is about 8 ? while the minimun is about -10 ?. In Qamdo, the temperature is between -5 ~ -25 ?.

What to Pack when Travel to Tibet in Winter

A. Whenever you travel to Tibet the thick coat or cold-proof clothes is highly suggested to you as the temperature in day and night changes a lot. In Lhasa the temperature is relatively warmer than other regions of Tibet, but it is better to stay in the house instead of walking out.

B. One of your necessary stuffs is sunglasses of course. The sunlight may be a little gentle than it is in summer. It feels perfect when we sit in the sun listening music and hearing stories of this holy land. But do not forget the radiation and exposure of the sunligh to your skin, which is not really as the same as it in your country. It is much stronger even it is in winter.

People who stay in Tibet long time are easier to suffer the cataract than ordinary people. Thus sunglasses can protect your eyes when you travel to Tibet.

C. As lesser oxygen in Tibet, medicines are highly suggested to you when you plan a Tibet tour. In winter the high altitude sickness is easier to suffer than other seasons. You need to take some general medicines such as Aspirin or paracetamol, headache medicine, stomachache medicine, antidiarrheal, Anti-inflammatory, cold and flu tablets, glucose, antiemetic drugs, digestive tablets, eyedrops, and essential balm, etc.

D. In winter, the weather is extremly dry in Tibet. People, both man and woman are highly suggested to have some lip balms, sun block, and skin creams,sunglasses and higher SPF sun-cream.

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