Travel with Family - What to Pack
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Travel with Family - What to Pack

Update: Oct. 29th, 2012

Travel to Tibet with family

Traveling with families is a kind of joy to some people, or with friends. If there are any children or olds traveling together you have to prepare as much as possible for them, as it is not very easy for them to travel to Tibet.

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Travel with Family - What to Pack

1. Physical examination - It is good for both of children and olds.

2. Nappies–especially for a little baby.

3. Spoon - It is much safer than folks to your baby and your old grandparents. There are only chopsticks offered in some area of Tibet.

4. Toys - Well, it is a long journey to go to Tibet. Toys such as a pillow, etc will be very helpful to you on the way. In my childhood memory, toys can help us be happy and avoid the anxiety of leaving home of little children.

5. Medicine - Don't let anybody get cold before you go to Tibet the same as adults. And take some medicines such as Aspirin or paracetamol, headache medicine, stomachache medicine, Antidiarrheal, other commonly used tablets, Antibiotics, Anti-inflammatory, other medicines that your local doctors mentioned for you, Antihistamine, cold and flu tablets, etc.

6. Food - take some snacks for your children because food can provide extra energy for them.

7. Shoes - choose one pair of good walking shoes is much more practical than a nice pair of designer shoes. The shoes could prevent children from harm.

8. Pants - soft and wearable

9. Clothes - depends on the season you plan to visit.

10. Sunglasses - The sunlight is very strong in Tibet. This is must-take stuff for all of your families.

11. Skin care products - Ladies in your family especially need it.

12. Water bottle - personal water bottle is a good way to prevent the disease during the journey.

13. Personal nurse - according to the physical truth, personal nurse is kindly suggested for your old grandparents.

14. Oxygen bag - it may not necessary to adults, but good for olds.

15. Crutch

16. Other personal stuffs

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