Relevant Provision and Tips of Tibet Travel Permit Application
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Relevant Provision and Tips of Tibet Travel Permit Application

Update: Aug. 31st, 2012

Tibet Travel Permit

Relevant Provision of Tibet Travel Permit Application

It is regulated by National Tourism Bureau that foreign visitors, Taiwan visitors and overseas Chinese (exclude Hong Kong Residence who is holding China SAR passport and Home Return Permit) are not allowed to go on Tibet tour freely. No matter how many visitors are there, they must be organized by professional Tibet Travel agency to have Tibet tour as it planed.

All organized oversea tourism groups must apply for Tibet Travel Permit from Tibet Tourism Bureau through the commissioned Tibet travel agency.

From now on, there are over 5 tourists with same nationality, same departure date and same entry city can apply for Tibet Travel Permit. If there are less than 5 tourists with same nationality, or 5 tourists from different countries, the Tibet Travel Permit will not be issued.

Tips of Tibet Travel Permit Application

You have to summit your basic information (name, nationality, age, gender, occupation, and passport number), specific city and way to Tibet, time duration in Tibet, travel intention, contact number and some other materials to Tibet Tourism Bureau through Tibet Travel agency. At the same time, please send the scanned copy of the first page of your passport and Chinese visa to travel agency.

In common case, the Tibet Travel Permit can be issued after the copy of passport and Visa received. It needs about 3-7 working days to sign and issue the Tibet Travel Permit. In consideration of the reservation work of air ticket, hotel, travel vehicle and so on, you are kindly suggested to provide necessary documents 15 days in advance.

In addition, foreign visitors who want to go to border areas need to apply for military permit with the Tibet Travel Permit, which can be handled by Tibet travel agency. Foreign visitors to Tibet must first handle tourism visa, that's "L" Visa. If you are holding a business Visa, you also can go to Tibet. But it will be more complicated. There is a very important issue that foreign journalists, government officials and diplomats are not allowed to go to Tibet.

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