Importance of Tibet Travel Permit
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Importance of Tibet Travel Permit

Update: Aug. 31st, 2012

tibet travel permit

Sometimes we meet tourists who do not understand how important the Tibet Travel Permit is. Sometimes tourists do not even mention the Tibet Travel Permit after inquiring the price and time and other details about the tour to Tibet because they do not know this document. What is Tibet Travel Permit and how important it is? will let you know more about it.

What is Tibet Travel Permit?

As one of 3 Tibet permits required for foreign tourists who want to have a Tibet tour, Tibet Travel Permit is an official document that allows foreign travelers to enter Tibet. It is issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau, which is also called Tibet Entry Permit, or TTP. The three types Tibet Permits are relatively Tibet Travel Permit, Aliens' Travel Permit and Military Permit (allowance). Tibet Travel Permit is a must for your Tibet Tour.

The Importance of Tibet Travel Permit

National Tourism Administration of China prescribes that foreign and Taiwan visitors have to hold a Tibet Travel Permit when entering Tibet. All people can apply for Tibet Travel Permit through a professional Tibet tour operator except journalists, diplomats and government officials. Journalists, diplomats and government officials need to contact the Foreign Affairs Office of the Tibetan Government in order to arrange the permit.

Every tourist must get a Tibet Travel Permit no matter you travel to Tibet in group tour or private tour. Before boarding the plane, you must present the original copy of Tibet Travel Permit. and before you take on the train or bus, you have to present the original or copy of Tibet Travel Permit.

In a word, without the Tibet Travel Permit, you can not even broad on the plane, train or bus to Tibet.

For a smooth Tibet-tour schedule, please contact, we will apply for Tibet Travel Permit for you.

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