Trek to Tibet by Tibet Travel Service - Walk and Pray around Religious Tibet
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Trek to Tibet by Tibet Travel Service - Walk and Pray around Religious Tibet

Update: Aug. 10th, 2012


Trek to wonderful Tibet, walk around spectacular Tibet, pray in the monasteries of Tibet, wander in mysterious Tibet, all of which always the dream of people who plan to visit Tibet.

Almost each person likes going to Tibet at least once in their lifetime, whatever the ages of they are. You are one of them.

Actually, Tibet trekking tours are always offered by Tibet travel service, as it is so popular. The thing you only need to care is the distance you would like to enjoy, far from Lhasa or just around Lhasa. According to Lhasa Tibet travel service experience, the destinations of trekking in Tibet are Namtso, Mt. Everest Base Camp and Yamdrok Lake.

Tibet Travel Service - Namtso Trekking Tour

Lake Namtso is situated between Damxung County (Lhasa) and Baigion County (Nagqu Prefecture). It is the largest salt water lake of Tibet and the second largest salt water lake in China (it was the third largest salt water lake in China before 1970s before the Lop Nor Lake dried up). We highly recommend Namtso Trekking tour to tourists, as the blue sky, limpid lake, while snow mountains, lazy yaks, Tibetans there will deeply impress every people. Different people will have different experience with Namtso Lake.

Tibet Travel Service - Rongbuk Monastery/Mt. Everest Tour

As everybody knows, Mt. Everest Base Camp located around Mt. Everest and it is one of the best trekking destinations of China. When Tibet Travel Service designed a Tibet trekking tour to Mt. Everest Base Camp, Rongbuk Monastery is always included in the itinerary.

Rongbuk Monastery is the best place to see the sunrise and sunset over Mt. Everest. Are you interested?

Tibet Travel Service - Yamdrok Lake Trekking Tour

This route offers you the chance to experience the daily life and the local traditions of Tibetans since you will visit many villages on the journey. Characteristic Tibetan style dwellings and the peaceful idyllic landscapes will be your lifetime memory. The amazing natural landscapes during your trekking will also leave you deep impression. Besides, you can also explore the history and culture in Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple.

Tibet Travel Service - Baksumtso Lake/Xintso Lake Trekking Tour

Tourists will have the chance to challenge yourselves in the wild. You can explore the history and culture of Tibet, and enjoy a different expedition. You can enjoy the amazing natural landscapes and experience the Tibetans daily life and traditions in the villages during your trekking tour. It is really wonderful to camp in the wild with twinkling stars in the sky. The idyllic landscape and the magnificent sunrise would be your lifetime memory.

Yamdrok Lake means a jasper lake or swine pool in Tibetan. It stretches 130 kilometers from the west to the east and 70 kilometers from the south to the north. The lake shoreline is 250 kilometers. It is 70 times the size of West Lake in Hangzhou. The average depth of the water is 20-40 meters and it reaches 60 meters at its deepest.

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