Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Must-do Things in Shangri-La
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Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Must-do Things in Shangri-La

Update: Nov. 28th, 2012

Pudacuo National Park

If you ever read the book of Lost Horizon, you may be attracted by the pure paradise in southwest of China – Shangri-La. In July and August in every year, the blooming flowers, blue sky, white clouds, snow mountain, grassland, lakes and herds in Shangri-La form a beautiful picture. If you have Tibet tour from Shangri-La, there are four things you should not miss.

Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Pilgrim Songzanlin Monastery

The Songzanlin Monastery is the largest Tibetan Buddhism Monastery in Yunnan Province. It has the reputation of Small Potala Palace. There are various treasure enshrined in the monastery, including eight gilded statues of Sakyamuni in the period of fifth Dalai and seventh Dailai, Pattra-leaf Buddhist Scriptures, multicoloured Thangka, golden lantern, etc.

Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Enjoy "Azalea Drunk Fish" in Potala National Park

The Potala National Park is the first national park of Chinese mainland. In the park, there are alpine lakes which are as clean as bright mirror, pasture with rich waterweeds, wetland with blooming flowers and virgin forest with various precious creatures. In summer of every year, the azaleas around the Bitahai Lake. It is said that the petals of azaleas are poison. The fishes in the lake eat the petals with float on the water surface and appear the wonderful scene of "azalea drunk fish".

Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – View Meili Snow Mountain at Feilai Monastery

The Meili Snow Mountain is also named Prince of Snow Mountain. There are 13 mountain peaks which altitude is over 6000 meters. They are named "Thirteen Peaks of Prince". The main peak of Meili Snow Mountain – Kawaboge Peak is at the altitude of 6740 meters. It is the highest peak in Yunnan Province.

The Feilai Monastery is located on east side of Meili Snow Mountain. It is the best spot to view the Meili Snow Mountain. Under the Kawaboge Peak, there are various glaciers and glacial drift. Among them, the grandest is the Mingyong Glacier. It stretches to the forest zone at the altitude of 2700 meters from 5500 meters.

Tibet Tour from Shangri-La – Visit Yubeng Village

It is said that the highlight of Shangri-La is Meili Snow Mountain, and the highlight Meili Snow Mountain is Yubeng Village. The Yubeng Village is located in Yuling Country, Deqen County, Yunnan Province. In Tibetan language, the "Yubeng" means "gathering place of treasures". Due to the transportation to Yubeng Village is not very convenience, you need to walk or ride bike for 18 kilometers, and cross the Nazonglaya Mountain pass at the alitutde of 3900 meters. Just for this, the Yubeng Village which surrounded by snow mountain becomes an attractive heavenly place. The scenery of Yubeng Village is very beautiful. There are snow mountain, gorge, streams, falls, old trees, giant stone, etc.

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