Notes of Chengdu Lhasa Tours
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Notes of Chengdu Lhasa Tours

Update: Nov. 18th, 2012

Potala Palace

Notes of Chengdu Lhasa Tours – Taboos

If you see the cattle and sheep with red, yellow and green cloth labels at countryside when you have Chengdu Lhasa tours, please do not freely drive off or hurt them. That's Tibetan's sacrifices to God. Please do not shoot vulture which is Tibetan holy bird.

You should not come into monasteries without permit. After coming into the monastery, please do not smoke, touch Buddha statues and scripture and take photos. At some places of Lhasa, you should not walk anticlockwise. Furthermore, some places of Tantra are inaccessible for women.

Please do not step on the threshold when you visit Tibetan family. Please do not spit in front of other people.

Notes of Chengdu Lhasa Tours – Health Care

Please pay attention to keep warm and avoid cold before your Chengdu Lhasa tours. If you get a cold, please delay your tour because cold on high plateau may cause some other complication. So, it is necessary to prepare some cold medicine and gastrointestinal medicine for your Lhasa tours.

The climate feature of Tibet is dry, oxygen deficient and low air pressure. Hence, it is necessary to take some nasal ointment and throat lozenge with you to relieve the discomfort caused by dry air.

Because the ultraviolet radiation on plateau is strong, it is suitable to take hat, sunglasses and sun scream with you in your tour.

Notes of Chengdu Lhasa Tours – Shopping

Tibetan carpet, Tibetan knife, Cardian, apron, national costume, national hats and shoes, golden and silver products are traditional handicrafts with rich local style and national characteristics. Lhasa Barkhor Street is the most famous streets with rich miscellaneous goods. At Barkhor Street, you can buy various tourism souvenirs and taste authentic Tibetan foods.

Tibetan medicine is very famous in the world. When you have Lhasa tours, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy and buy herb arenariae, Tibetan saffron, cordyceps, lanatechead saussurea, and some complicate Tibetan medicine made by Lamas and Tibetan doctors.

The Tibetan knife can not be taken on flight or consigned. If you bought Tibetan knife when you have Chengdu Lhasa tours, you are suggested to post it at the post office on Beijing Middle Road.

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