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FAQ of Chengdu Lhasa Tours

Update: Nov. 9th, 2012


What's the best way from Chengdu to Lhasa?

When you have Chengdu Lhasa tours, you can go from Chengdu to Lhasa by air, by train and by land. If you want to save time, the flight is your best choice. If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of plateau along the way, you can go to Lhasa by train or by land. But the condition of Sichuan-Tibet Highway is not very good especially in rainy season, and you are kindly suggested to choose train.

What should I do if appear high altitude sickness?

If appear slight high altitude sickness, you are suggested to adapt to it by yourself. When appear the symptoms of high altitude sickness, you should take good rest, drink more water and eat more vegetables, or have some medicine for relieving high altitude sickness.

If appear serious symptoms of high altitude, such as edema, pneumonedema and bad cold, you should be treated in hospital and leave Lhasa as soon as possible. In general, the symptoms of high altitude sickness will disappear after reaching plain.

How to go to Lhasa from the airport?

There are airport buses running between Lhasa and Gonggar Airport. The departure time of the airport buses is almost in accord with the departure and arrival time of flights. The price of bus ticket is 27 CNY. Of course, there are taxies running between Gonggar Airport and Lhasa. You can share the taxi with others or charter the taxi alone. In general, it is about 200 CNY for each taxi.

Are there many star-standard hotels in Lhasa? How about the price?

In Lhasa, there are about forty star standard hotels. But the accommodation in the festivals of May Day, National Day and Shoton Festival is in great demand. You are suggested to book the hotel in advance if you have Lhasa tours in these festivals. Because Tibet is located on plateau, the high season and low season of Tibet tour is very obvious. The price of hotel in high season is relatively high. In general, the three-star standard hotel is about 300 CNY, and the four-star standard hotel is about 400 CNY to 500 CNY.

What's special Tibetan food? Where can taste them?

Tsamba, butter tea, dried meat, Tibetan noodle, sweet tea and barley wine are special Tibetan foods. If you want to experience authentic Tibetan life, you should not miss the sweet tea houses in Tibet where you can taste authentic Tibetan noodle and sweet tea and experience Tibetan daily life. If you want to taste more Tibetan foods, the Arocang Restaurant next to Jokhang Temple is a good choice where provides various authentic Tibetan meals, such as dried beef and mutton, tsamba, etc.

What's temperature of Tibet in summer and winter?

In summer, the temperature in daytime is bellow 25 degree and the temperature at night is about 10 degree. In winter, the temperature in daytime is about ten degree, and the temperature at night is bellow zero. Hence, you will not feel too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

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