Mt.Everest Tour - Delicacy and Restaurant
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Mt.Everest Tour - Delicacy and Restaurant

Update: Nov. 13th, 2012

Tibetan Dried Meat

To taste delicious Tibetan delicacy must be a necessary part of Mt.Everest tour. In your Mt.Everest tour, you should not miss the dried beef and mutton, barley wine, butter tea and tsamba.

Mt.Everest Tour - Delicacy

Dried Beef and Mutton

The dried beef and mutton are very distinctive Tibetan food. In the end of every year when the temperature is below zero, Tibetans will cut the beef and mutton into strips and hang them in the shadow to dry them. To the February and March of next year, the dried beef and mutton is available. The dried beef and mutton is with crisp meat quality, special taste and long aftertaste.

Barley Wine

The barley wine is made up barley. It is favorite drink of Tibetans and necessary drink of festivals. The barley wine is with orange color and sour and sweet taste. The alcohol content of barley wine is very less. In Tibet, there are special custom about drinking barley wine.

Butter Tea

The butter tea is the main drink of Tibetans. The hospitable Tibetans greet visitors with butter tea, and the visitor should not refuse it. In your Mt.Everest tour, you can drink some butter tea to increase heat quality. It will help you to adapt to the high altitude sickness.


Tsamba is the staple food of Tibetan. It is flour made up of barley and pea. When eat tsamba, you can mix it with butter tea and pinch it into dollop, or mix it with salt tea, yoghurt or barley wine. Tibetans also cook turnip radish with tsamba to replace staple food.

Mt.Everest Tour - Restaurants near Mt.Everest

In front of Rougbuk Monastery, there is a small restaurant opened by a Tibetan guy. At the doorway of the restaurant, there are many beer bottles. The owner of this restaurant can not speak Chinese. You can use English to order or bargain. The taste of foods provided by the restaurant is very common, but price is relatively high for the materials are transport there from Shigatse.

In fact, the Rougbuk Monastery is 8 kilometers away from the Mt.Everest Base Camp. In the season of climbing mountains, liaison officer of Tibet Mountaineering Club will stay at the Mt.Everest Base Camp. You may get small amount of food and water from the liaison office with high price.

There is an inspection station near to Mt.Everest. After handling the formalities to Mt.Everest, you will reach a small village named Tashizong after 40 kilometers route. There are three small restaurants which almost do not supply vegetables.

It is not very convenience to have meals on the way from Old Tingri to Mt.Everest. Travelers are suggested to prepare enough solid food for the Mt.Everest tour.

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