Most Noted Bars in Lhasa
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Most Noted Bars in Lhasa

Update: Jul. 9th, 2013

Ganglamedo Bar in Lhasa

With the rapid development of the city culture, an increasingly number of stylish bars sprung up in Lhasa recent years. These bars have been the main night amusement places for tourists visiting Tibet. In the bars, visitors could share their interesting experience in the beautiful music or have some delicious drinks. As a Tibet tour operator located in Lhasa, Tibet Tour would like to introduce the most noted bars in Lhasa for tourists willing to have some interesting nights in Lhasa.

Most Noted Bars in Lhasa – Maky Ame

Among all the bars in Lhasa, Maky Ame is the most noted one. There is even a copy of Maky Ame has been established in Beijing. The original Maky Ame is located in the southeastern corner of the noted Barkhor Street in Lhasa. It is said that Maky Ame was firstly appeared in the poem of Tsangyang Gyatso. Actually, Maky Ame on Barkhor Street is not only a bar, but also a restaurant provides Nepal, Indian and Tibetan style cooking.

Tourists pay a visit to Maky Ame would find that it is really a bar of Tibetan flavor. A lot of visitors who've been here were deeply impressed by the Tibetan style decoration and the Tibetan singer's performance. Open the note books on the table, visitors could see the messages and feels left by other visitors. Once, Maky Ame collected all the messages on their note books and published it. It must be quite interesting to read the messages left by tourists who've been to the same place many years ago.

Most Noted Bars in Lhasa – Drippy Bridge

The Drippy Bridge Bar is located on the Beijing Middle Road in Lhasa. It attracts a lot of visitors with its special theme – newspapers. Tourists pay a visit to this bar will have the chance to buy a special birthday newspaper. On that paper, tourists could get a series of domestic and international events happened on that day and you could even get the climate information on the day you were given birth. The wall on which a lot of newspaper headers are pasted on always leave visitors deep impression.

Most Noted Bars in Lhasa – Low House Music Bar

The fa?ade of the Low House Music Bar is not so eye-catching and that is the reason why it is hard to find it for tourists come to Lhasa the first time. Just like its slogan presents, visitors coming to Low House Music Bar could always find the type of music you've been looking for. It is said that the construction of the Low House Music Bar has a history of more than 150 years. It was the residence of the 11th Dalai Lama's parents. The ancient house and special Nepal music provide visitors the chance to enjoy a special romantic experience.

Most Noted Bars in Lhasa – Ganglamedo

Ganglamedo is a quite special one among the bars in Lhasa. In Ganglamedo, there is not only music, beer, books, but also superior coffee and pizza. In addition, Ganglamedo is also a gallery, tattoo studio and artware shop. Visitors here could choose some special local handicrafts as souvenirs of the lifetime Tibet trip. Ganglamedo really enjoys high reputation among tourists especially interested in the special culture in Lhasa.

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