Lhasa Tour – Strategies of Photographing Potala Palace
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Lhasa Tour – Strategies of Photographing Potala Palace

Update: Dec. 28th, 2012

Potala Palace

The Potala Palace is named "Pearl on world roof". It is the mark of Lhasa and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, as well as the political center of Tibet in ancient. The Potala Palace is the grandest and highest palace above the sea level.

Lhasa Tour – Best Season of Photographing Potala Palace

Presently, the transportation to Lhasa is very convenient. There are train, flight and buses to Lhasa in four seasons of one year. The Potala Palace which is located in the center of Lhasa is with different scenery and features in different seasons. In summer, it is set off by green trees. In summer, it is decorated by white snow. Consequently, you can photograph beautiful photos of Potala Palace with different features in the four seasons.

Lhasa Tour – Location of Photographing Potala Palace

There are various points of view to photograph Potala Palace. Among these points of view, the "Yaowang (Medicine King) Hill Sightseeing Platform" on west of Potala Palace (it will be charged for 2 CNY) and Puyan Monastery are suitable locations to photograph the Potala Palace in the sunset glow in afternoon, with white pagodas being the foreground. The Potala Palace Square is suitable location to photograph the front scene of Potala Palace. Especially at night, you may photograph the grand night scene of Potala Palace with the decoration of musical fountain. On south side of the lake on east of Potala Palace, you can photograph the inverted image of Potala Palace, with willows being the foreground. In the Longwang (Dragon King) Pool Park which is located behind the Potala Palace, you can photograph the inverted image of back of Potala Palace. In addition, the platform on top of Xiami Monastery on Beijing East Road, the roof of Pincuoakangsang Youth Hostel on Duosangge Road and the golden roof of Jokhang Temple are suitable places to photograph the panoramic of Potala Palace with telephoto lens.

Furthermore, at the hillside on other side of Lhasa River, there is a perfect point of view to photograph Potala Palace with high mountain as background.

Lhasa Tour – Features of Potala Palace

As the mark of Tibet, under the clean and blue sky, the red palace, white palace and golden roof of Potala Palace are so beautiful no matter view from which point. The wonderful and grand architecture and around environment perfectly combine together, just like it should be there. The Potala Palace is the world cultural heritage in the real sense of the term on the snow-covered plateau. It is the most beautiful human landscape of Lhasa.

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