Lhasa Tour – Strategies of Photographing Barkhor Street
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Lhasa Tour – Strategies of Photographing Barkhor Street

Update: Dec. 28th, 2012

Barkhor Street

The Barkhor Street is the most ancient street in Lhasa, as well as the symbol of typical Tibetan architecture of the whole old town of Lhasa. Tibetans named the Barkhor Street which is middle circumambulation as "holy road". From this, we can see the special status of Barkhor Street. But, the present Barkhor Street integrates tradition and modern, east style and western style, religion and prosperous commodity economy. It is a window to know more about Tibet, as well as the most interesting ancient street of Lhasa.

Lhasa Tour – Season of Photographing Barkhor Street

In general, it will not be affected by season and weather to photograph Barkhor Street. It is suitable to take photos of Barkhor Street in the four seasons of one year. Since there is no entrance ticket of Barkhor Street, there is no limitation about visiting time. If you want to avoid crowds of people, to photograph the quiet alleys with rich Tibetan characteristics, you are suggested to photograph the Barkhor Street before the owners of shops and stalls getting up. Of course, the hilarious Barkhor Street is also with rich Tibetan features. It is a part of local Tibetan life.

Lhasa Tour – Location of Photographing Barkhor Street

Presently, the concept of Barkhor Street has greatly enlarged to the large ancient style block with rich Tibetan characteristics around the Jokhang Temple.

On the stalls or in the shops, you can fully photograph the details of Tibetan style ornaments. On the Barkhor Street, there are various pious Tibetan Buddhism pilgrims who are prostrating, many Tibetans from different prefectures of Tibet with distinctive and colorful costumes, as well as some unexpected things in the quiet alleys.

Lhasa Tour – Features of Barkhor Street

Barkhor Street is not only the largest bazaar in Lhasa, as well as kaleidoscope of Tibetan human, art, religion and economy. In the ancient alleys of Barkhor Street, there is stream of people. The Buddhism believers from everywhere gather there. On the Barkhor Street, there are Bronze Buddha statues, prayer wheels, Tangka, butter lantern, prayer flags, scriptures, prayer beads, Tibetan incense, Tibetan cardian, Pulu, Tibetan apron, leather bag, horse gear, snuff bottle, steel, Tibetan quilt, Tibetan shoes, Tibetan knife, Tibetan hat, Tibetan carpet, ghee, bucket for making ghee, wooden bowl, barley wine, sweet tea, milk dregs, dried meat, etc. All of these things are like a feast for the eyes. Every part of the Barkhor Street is with rich Tibetan life characteristics.

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