Lhasa Tour – Strategies of Photographing Drepung Monastery
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Lhasa Tour – Strategies of Photographing Drepung Monastery

Update: Dec. 31st, 2012

Drepung Monastery

Lhasa Tour – Best Season of Photographing Drepung Monastery

The best time to photograph the Drepung Monastery is during Shoton Festival in midsummer. During this period, thousands of Tibetan Buddhism believers and friends will gather at Drepung Monastery. Every corner of Drepung Monastery is full of happy festival atmosphere. The scene of Shoton Festival in Drepung Monastery is even grander than in Tibetan New Year Festival. Especially on the first day of Shoton Festival, there are many monks, believers and travelers gathering at the Drepung Monastery. After enjoying the Buddha Exhibition and Tibetan Opera Performance, Tibetans will drink barley wine and have fun in the forest glade.

Lhasa Tour – Best Location of Photographing Drepung Monastery

On the first day of Shoton Festival, the platform for Buddha Exhibition on west of Drepung Monastery is the most hilarious place, as well as the best location to photograph the giant Thangka of Buddha. Furthermore, you also can shoot the scene of Lamas and believers enjoying the Shoton Festival. The Ganden Pozhang is the place to photograph the performances of Tibetan Opera.

If you have Lhasa tour at common time, you only can find and photograph some common materials along the common visiting route, such as the scripture hall, architecture details, paintings on stones, Lamas and believers, etc.

Lhasa Tour – Features of Drepung Monastery

The Drepung Monastery was built upon mountain. As the largest monastery of Gelug Sect, the Drepung Monastery plays an important role in Tibetan Buddhism. The Drepung Monastery features in good layout. Each unit of architecture of Drepung Monastery can be divided into courtyard, Scripture Hall and Buddha hall, forming the supreme status from the entrance gate to Buddha Hall. Among the architectures of Drepung Monastery, the grand and large scale Cuoqin Great Hall is well-proportioned; the Deyang Zhacang follows no set form, with grand and antique atmosphere; Aba Zhacang is well distributed; and the splendid Gandan Pozhang is the symbol of Tibetan large architecture. The outer appearance of Drepung Monastery is decorated by golden roof, dharma-cakra, the stone pillar inscribed with the Buddha's name or the Buddhist scriptures, Eight Treasures and other religious materials. All of these enhanced the solemn and mysterious atmosphere of Tibetan Buddhism, and make the whole architecture become more magnificent.

Of course, the most distinctive feature of Drepung Monastery is the annual Buddha Exhibition Ceremony in Shoton Festival because it is the original place of Shoton Festival. On the day, the pious monks will exhibit the giant Thangka of Buddha on the special platform for Buddha Exhibition on west of the monastery. Then, the giant Thangka will gradually spread out along the mountain. The believers will worship there and present pure white Hada to the Buddha. Although there are Buddha Exhibition Ceremonies in other monasteries during the Shoton Festival, the Buddha Exhibition Ceremony in Drepung Monastery is the grandest.

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