Lhasa Tour – Strategies of Photographing Ganden Monastery
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Lhasa Tour – Strategies of Photographing Ganden Monastery

Update: Dec. 31st, 2012

Ganden Monastery

Lhasa Tour – Best Season of Photographing Ganden Monastery

Summer is the high season of visiting and photographing Ganden Monastery. During the Shoton Festival, the Ganden Monastery holds Buddha Exhibition Ceremony too. Although the Thangka of Buddha exhibited in Ganden Monastery is smaller than the one in Drepung Monastery, it is also very exquisite and beautiful. If you have Lhasa tour in this season, the Buddha Exhibition in Ganden Monastery is also worth visiting.

The day of December 25th in Tibetan Calendar is the anniversary of the death of master Tsongkapa. In the daytime of this day, the Ganden Monastery will hang a giant Thangka of Buddha which is 26 meters long and 10 meter wide in the monastery. At night, the Lamas in Ganden Monastery will light lanterns to express their respect. The rite is very grand. It is the most important traditional festival of Ganden Monastery. This festival is also named "Ganden Angque" which means Illumination Festival. The scene of the Illumination Festival in Ganden Monastery is grander than Shoton Festival.

Lhasa Tour – Best Location of Photographing Ganden Monastery

The rite of Buddha Exhibition in Shoton Festival is held on the outer wall of the main hall. After passing by the ticket office, you can photograph the Tibetan style architectures with clear level in the monastery. In the Cuoqin Hall, the scene of Lamas drinking butter tea and eat tsamba for lunch is very special. Furthermore, the Lamas in Ganden Monastery will chant scriptures while having lunch.

Lhasa Tour – Features of Ganden Monastery

Among the six monasteries of Gelug Sect, the Ganden Monastery is the only monastery funded by Tsongkapa. The Jokhang Temple, Sera Monastery and Tashihunpo Monastery were built by the disciples of Tsongkapa. Hence, the Ganden Monastery is the real original monastery of Gelug Sect. Consequently, Lamas in Ganden Monastery pay more respect to master Tsongkapa. The Ganden Monastery was built upon mountain. The architectures in the monastery are with strong sense of hierarchy. When photograph the monastery, you are suggested to show the obvious level of these architectures.

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