How to cut down the Tibet tour cost
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How to cut down the Tibet tour cost

Update: Sep. 24th, 2013


Except for the plateau environment and severe climate, tourists planning a Tibet tour have to take the possible tour cost into consideration. Be frankly, the cost of a Tibet tour is relatively higher than a trip at the same level to other domestic regions in China. As we all known, Tibet is quite far away from the other cities in China and there are few choices in transportation. Besides, the scenic spots in Tibet are also far away from each other, which mean tourists have to pay large vehicle rental fee. As a professional Tibet tour operator based in Lhasa, Tibet Tour would like to provide information regarding how to cut down the Tibet tour cost for tourists' reference.

How to Cut Down the Tibet Tour Cost – Transportation Cost

Currently, the direct trains and flights between Lhasa and few domestic cities have been opened. Some overseas tourists are interested in the highways to Tibet, but the four highways to Tibet are not opened to foreign tourists yet in consideration of the challenging road condition and the limited board and lodging condition along those highways. For tourists have enough time and are willing to cut down the Tibet tour transportation cost, the Tibet trains would be better choices than the flights. But there would be certain discounts in the flight tickets to Lhasa in the low season of Tibet tour while the price of the train tickets are always the same in different seasons.

For foreign tourists making a Tibet tour, rent a private vehicle is the main choice for the transportation between scenic spots, railway station and airport in Tibet. Tibet covers a pretty large area and some famous spots are located at remote and sparsely populated areas. Tourists who've been to Nyingchi might found that Nyingchi, Shigatse and Ngaru are hundreds kilometers away from Lhasa. To cut down the transportation cost in Tibet, tourists are sincerely suggested to invite your friends to come to enjoy the Tibet with you so as to share the vehicle rental fee. As an experienced Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would always arrange a vehicle for tourists according to your group size.

Tourists planning to enter into or out of Tibet from Kathmandu have two choices in transportation: the flight and the vehicle. Generally, Tibet Tour would suggest our clients to fly to Lhasa from Kathmandu and then leave Tibet for Nepal at Zhangmu Town Port after the sightseeing from Lhasa to Shigatse. Also, tourists could make a Tibet tour from Nepal overland via Zhangmu Port and visit the scenic spots in Shigatse and Lhasa and finally fly to Kathandu from Lhasa. It takes about 70 minutes to finish the air journey between Lhasa and Kathmandu.

How to Cut Down the Tibet Tour Cost – Board and Lodging Cost

The 3 star hotels are available in the bigger cities and towns in Tibet, such as Lhasa, Shigatse, Tsedang Town in Shannan Prefecture and Bayi Town in Nyinchi Prefecture. The price of the 3 star hotels is pretty acceptable and they are really good choices for tourists willing to cut down the Tibet tour cost. Price of the guesthouse in the remote areas is also very affordable for tourists. To cut down the Tibet tour cost, tourists making a Tibet trekking tour prefer to prepare some solid food in advance so as to cut down the lodging cost. It involves more cost if you employ a cook during your trekking days.

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