Cost of Tibet Tour in Winter
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Cost of Tibet Tour in Winter

Update: Nov. 7th, 2013

Bright Potala Palace in Winter

Compared to the cost of Tibet tour in summer or other high seasons, the cost of Tibet tour in winter would be relatively lower. Just as we all known, the cost of the Tibet trip is composed of several main parts, including the board and lodging cost, vehicle rental cost, guide and driver employment cost and the admission tickets of the scenic spots. For tourists planning to trek in the wild, it might also involve a yak & yak keeper employment cost. As a professional Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would like to make a list regarding the cost of Tibet tour in winter for tourists planning to travel to Tibet in winter 2013.

Cost of Tibet Tour in Winter – Accommodation Cost

Tourists who've been to Tibet in summer would find that the demand of the hotel rooms greatly exceeds the supply in the peak season between July and August. But the supply of the hotel rooms would be much larger than the demand in winter. To attract more visitors, most of the hotels in Tibet would carry out a price-off promotion. Therefore, tourists making a Tibet tour in winter could always save certain cost in accommodation. For instance, you can pay a 3-star hotel room price to get a better conditioned room in a 4-star hotel in winter.

Cost of Tibet Tour in Winter – Admission Tickets

According to the staff in Tibet Tourism Bureau, a series of scenic spots in Tibet would carry out their admission tickets policy in winter. As we all known, the price of the entrance ticket of the world famous Potala Palace is 200 CNY, but the price would be cut down to 100 CNY only in the winter season between November and February. In addition, the admission tickets of scenic spots like Baksumtso Lake in Nyingchi Prefecture, Palkhor Monastery in Shigatse Prefecture and so on. Therefore, tourists planning to travel to Tibet in winter could save certain cost in the admission tickets. Besides, the scenic spots would not be so crowded in winter compared to the high season. There is even strict limitation on the number of visitors in the peak season at Potala Palace and tourists planning to visit this place have to reserve the ticket in advance.

Cost of Tibet Tour in Winter – Vehicle Rental

Tourists who've been to Tibet might find that the vehicle rental cost takes a large part of the total cost of Tibet trip. There is no doubt that the vehicle rental fee is very high in the peak season and tourists have to spend a lot in the vehicle rental for the scenic spots in Tibet are quite far away from each other. For instance, tourists planning to visit Gaer Town on Ngari Plateau from Lhasa overland have to spend at least three days driving on the way. Though the demand of vehicle and driver in Lhasa is much lower in winter than the peak season, the price would not be too low in the winter season for most of the drivers would leave Lhasa for winter holiday after October. Hence, there is less vehicles and drivers for tourists in winter.

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