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Latest News Regarding Namtso Lake

Time:2012-10-06By: LeoSource: Xinhua Net

Holy Elephant Arch at Namtso Lake

Namtso Lake is not the largest lake in Tibet anymore

Namtso Lake is a closed lake. The lake water is difficult to run away and the evaporation capacity is less than the amount of precipitation. Hence, Namtso Lake is keep expanding recent years. It is measured that Namtso Lake covers an area of 2020 square kilometers already. The depth of water surpasses 100 meters at its deepest and almost half of the lake has a water depth of more than 90 meters.

Though Namtso Lake is expanding, its rate of expansion is not a patch on the expansion rate of Serintso Lake. It is measured that Serintso Lake already covers an area of 2300 square kilometers due to the glacier ablation and precipitation increasing. Currently, Serintso Lake has been the largest lake and Namtso Lake is the second largest lake in Tibet. The rising lakes will submerge a part of the prairie and some of the herdsmen by the lakes have to migrate to other places.

The Holy Elephant Arch Footpath is on the way to completion

The Holy Elephant Arch Footpath at Namtso Lake is on the way to completion. For the consideration of the local environment protection and providing tourists more convenience, the administrative department of Namtso Lake decided to construct a thousands-meter footpath at the famous scenic spot – Holy Elephant Arch. The construction of the footpath was started in June and planned to be completed in September, 2012. Located at the center of the prairie in northern Tibet, Namtso Lake has been one of the must-visit scenic spots for tourists both at home and abroad.

The air quality of Namtso Lake can rival the air quality of the South Pole

The air quality of Namtso Lake is very excellent and could even rival the air quality of South Pole according to the monitoring date of the last five years. The content of the atmospheric particulates in the air is pretty low at Namtso Lake. It is reported that the average annual optical thickness of the atmospheric aerosol at Namtso Lake is only 0.029. Namtso Lake has been one of the cleanest areas above the sea level.

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