Lhasa Huaxia Hotel
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Lhasa Huaxia Hotel

Update: Feb. 21st, 2013

Lhasa Huaxia Hotel

Introduction of Lhasa Huaxia Hotel

Lhasa Huaxia Hotel is a deluxe five-star standard hotel which was built with a large sum of money. The total floor area of Lhasa Huaxia Hotel is 3400 square meters, and the construction area is 21000 square meters. The total investment is over 80 millions.

Lhasa Huaxia Hotel is located on Jinzhu West Road in Lhasa (next to Liuwu Grade Separation Bridge). It is only 1.2 kilometers away from the well-know Potala Palace in the world and 0.6 kilometers away from Lhasa Railway Station. The transportation of Huaxia Hotel is very convenient. If you reach Tibet by train, the Lhasa Huaxia Hotel must be a good choice. The Lhasa Huaxia Hotel is equipped with 216 guest rooms, including high grade executive suites, deluxe suites, deluxe single rooms, deluxe standard rooms and deluxe triple rooms.

Facilities of Lhasa Huaxia Hotel

The food and beverage department of Lhasa Huaxia Hotel is decorated very with special and unconventional style. The Chinese style dining hall and compartments in Lhasa Huaxia Hotel can contain 300 persons to have meal. Meanwhile, the chef of the dining hall is famous cook in China. The French Jazz Island Coffee Bar which integrated the decoration style of China and West will be pleasant to the eye and give you warm feelings. In addition, Lhasa Huaxia Hotel is also equipped with sauna department, oxygen bar, entertainment bar, business center, service center, laundry room, sightseeing elevator, central air conditioner and some other modern facilities.

Guest Rooms of Lhasa Huaxia Hotel

The five-star standard service provided by Lhasa Huaxia Hotel will give you warm and pleasant feelings. Lhasa Huaxia Hotel is equipped with 166 deluxe guest rooms. The floor of these guest rooms is paved by high grade wool carpet. In these guest rooms, there are elegant, deluxe and comfortable furniture, bedside control panel, internet access, computerized telephone exchange system. The bathroom is equipped with electrical hair-drier, shower and bathtub. In order meet different need of customers, Lhasa Huaxia Hotel is also equipped with Honeymoon Room, special room for disables and obstacle-free facilities.

Lobby of Lhasa Huaxia Hotel

The lobby of Lhasa Huaxia Hotel is at the ground floor of the Eastern Building. The area of lobby is about 460 square meters. The front of the lobby is the wide and luxurious bar counter which is the reception center of the hotel. It can provide services of booking, check-in and consultation. On the right side of the lobby, there is water flowing beneath a little bridge which is as long as 40 meters and a fountain. Then, there is an entertainment bar which is as large as 120 square meters, with 80 seats in it. Customers can drink coffee or tea in the bar while listening to music. The good environment and thoughtful service make it become a good choice to have fun.

Dining Hall of Lhasa Huaxia Hotel

The Rose Garden Dining Hall of Lhasa Huaxia Hotel is on the second floor of the hotel. The area is 800 square meters. The decoration of the hall is special, original and grand. In the dining hall, there are compartment, carrel and stage in V shape. The whole dining hall can contain 300 persons to have meal at the same time. Then, the dining hall provides new style Sichuan delicacies, Guangdong delicacies and special snacks.

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