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Hotels in Zham Port

Update: Feb. 26th, 2013

Caiyuan Hotel

Hotels in Zham Port – Caiyuan Hotel

Caiyuan Hotel is located in Zham Town, Shigatse Prefecture, Tibet. It is the best hotel in Zham Port. In Caiyuan Hotel, there are parking space, sauna, tea house, dining hall and various guest rooms, etc. Guest rooms of Caiyuan Hotel have electricity and hot water. The Caiyuan Hotel can be regarded as a three-star standard hotel in Zham Port. Furthermore, you can enjoy waterfalls outside window. Hence, the Caiyuan Hotel is really a good choice of accommodation in Zham Port.

Hotels in Zham Port – Sherpa Hotel

The Sherpa Hotel is located in Zham Town, Nyalam County, Tibet Autonomous Region, opposite to Zham Hotel. Although the appearance of Sherpa Hotel looks very common, the clean and simple interior decoration gives customers feelings of clean and comfortable small farm house. It is a really worthy staying hotel in Zham Port.

Hotels in Zham Port – Baima Hotel

Baima Hotel is a very lovely hotel in Zham Port. The building of Baima Hotel is simple and unsophisticated wooden building. The wide and large wooden window looks clean and simple. Since the geography location of Baima Hotel is superior, customers can enjoy the beautiful scenery of green mountains through the window in guest room. It is full of poetic flavor. The price of Baima Hotel is about 140 CNY each night.

Hotels in Zham Port – Gang Gyen Hotel

The Gang Gyen Hotel in Zham Port belongs to Gang Gyen Group. It was established by the tenth Panchen Lama. In Gang Gyen Hotel, there are various guest rooms, such as luxury standard rooms, single rooms and multiple rooms. In addition, there is a public bathroom with hot water in Gang Gyen Hotel. At the same time, Gang Gyen Hotel is also equipped with western style restaurant and tea house. Besides, the Gang Gyen Hotel provides service of currency exchange. The most important is that the Gang Gyen Hotel is near to the custom. Consequently, it may be a superior choice if you have heavy bags.

Hotels in Zham Port – Zhang Mu Hotel

Zhang Mu Hotel is near to the custom of Zham Port. It is the most luxurious accommodation in Zham Port. Consequently, the price of Zhang Mu Hotel is the most expensive among local hotels. It is a two-star standard hotel concerning on foreign affairs. In Zhang Mu Hotel, there are 40 double rooms with complete basic amenities and good day lighting. Customers can choose the suitable guest room based on their special requirements. Besides, the Zhang Mu Hotel is equipped with dining hall, coffee bar, sauna, bank (appointed place to exchange currency) and other facilities. The most attractive point about Zhang Mu Hotel is the massage center which can help you to release fatigue in your Tibet tour. Moreover, there are some rooms in Zhang Mu Hotel can have the view of green mountain through window. Due to the superior geography location, excellent facilities of Zhang Mu Hotel, it becomes the choice of most travelers who have Tibet tour from Kathmandu and leave for Kathmandu from Tibet.

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