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Hotels in Qamdo

Update: Feb. 26th, 2013

Ranwu Nanhu Post House

Hotels in Qamdo – Kangsheng Hotel

The Kangsheng Hotel is a two-star standard hotel. It is located at the No.10 of West Road in Qamdo Prefecture. It only takes about 5 minutes to reach the bus station in Qamdo. The Kangsheng Hotel opened in August, 1998. It is equipped with complete facilities. In Kangsheng Hotel, there are 76 gust rooms and 196 beds, including 4 deluxe suites, 24 standard rooms and 48 normal rooms.

Hotels in Qamdo – Qamdo Hotel

The Qamdo Hotel is located on the bank of Angqu River in Eastern Tibet. It is a very attractive building among surrounding buildings. It perfectly combined Tibetan style and modern construction style.

The Qamdo Hotel was built in August 1985. The construction area of Qamdo Hotel is 9237 square meters. In Qamdo Hotel, there are 118 guest rooms which are divided into standard A, standard B and standard C. In these guest rooms, there are 303 beds. The Qamdo Hotel is also equipped with 5 both big and small meeting rooms, 2 dining halls, 1 reception hall and 1 rest hall.

Hotels in Qamdo – Ranwu Nanhu Post House

The Nanhu (Blue Lake) Post House is located on the bank of Ranwu Lake. It is a very famous hotel in the scenic area of Ranwu Lake, as well as the only similar three-star standard hotel concerning on foreign affairs. The well-equipped Nanhu Post House is the warm house for your tour to Ranwu Lake.

The Nanhu Post House is with rich Tibetan characteristics. It is a comprehensive post house with lodging, dining and entertainment. It is located in the beautiful Ranwu Lake Scenic Area which is the most beautiful section of Sichuan-Tibet Highway. The Nanhu Post House backs on mountain and faces with lake. The nearby snow covered mountain quietly reflects on the lake surface. It is really very nice to read in the room while tasting butter tea in the Nanhu Post House. In sunny days, herds of cattle and sheep will add more fun to the grassland. It fully shows the "charm of grassland in Northern Tibet".

Hotels in Qamdo – Ranwu Custom Garden

When you visit Ranwu Lake in Nyingchi tour, you can stay in the Ranwu Town which is the most important place of board and lodging on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway. On both sides of street of Ranwu Town, there are many restaurants providing Sichuan delicacies. In Ranwu Town, the Ranwu Hotel and Ranwu Custom Garden are hotels with better condition. In these hotels, there are standard rooms with bathroom.

The Ranwu Custom Garden is located at the river bank on west side of Ranwu Town. It is also known as "PingAn Hotel". The Ranwu Custom Garden made the front space into an "entertainment square". At the entertainment square, there are double hanging seats for travelers to have a rest. It added more fashionable elements to the small town on plateau. At the same time, it also enhanced the competition capacity of Ranwu Custom Garden. Many travelers would like to stay in the Ranwu Custom Garden just for the hanging seat.

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