Temple of Guan Yu
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Temple of Guan Yu

Update: Dec. 27th, 2012

Temple of Guan Yu

Temple of Guan Yu – Brief Introduction

The Temple of Guan Yu is a small, but very special temple of Lhasa. It will not cost much time to visit the temple. But you will get much fun if you visit it in your Lhasa tour.

The Temple of Guan Yu is located on top of Mopan (Millstone) Mountain, on west of Lhasa. The mountain was named Bamare Mountain. Since it looks like millstone, the former Qing Dynasty officer in Tibet renamed it Mopan Mountain. In the fifty-seventh year of Qianlong Period (1792), the general Fu Kangan built Temple of Guan Yu on the mountain, and named it Temple of Guan Yu on Mopan Mountain.

Temple of Guan Yu – History

In the period of Qinglong in Qing Dynasty, Gurkha violated Tibet. The Qing government sent officers and army to Tibet. With the resistance of Tibetans and Qing officers and army, the invaders were defeated. In order to commemorate event in history, Fu Kangan who was Qing officer in Tibet at that time built the Temple of Guan Yu. Until now, the Temple of Guan Yu has over 200 years' history. This part of history was also recorded in the Tablet of Inscription of Rebuilding Temple of Guan Yu in Tashi City which was written by He Lin who was high commissioners in Tibet in the fifty-eighth year of Qianlong Period (1973). Since the image of Guan Yu is similar with the image of Gesar who is hero in Tibetan epics, people in Lhasa named this temple as "Gesar Khang" which means "the palace of Gesar".

Temple of Guan Yu – Layout

The main buildings of Temple of Guan Yu were built upon the mountain. It located on northeast and faces southwest. Coming into the gate, you will reach the second gate after going along the stairs and turn two corners. In the hall behind the main hall of Temple of Guan Yu, there are statues of Manjushri, Vajrapani, Padmasambhava and other Budhhas. In addition, there are hundreds status which are as large as hand enshrined on the left and right walls of the hall. In the light of butter lantern, the statues of Buddhas are sparking.

Coming out from this hall and turn left, you can reach the main hall of Temple of Guan Yu from an arch. The front architecture of the main hall is post and lintel frame, with roof covered by green glazed tile. At the door of main hall, there is an over 3 meters high censer, with the words of "Temple of Guan Yu" on it. In the winding corridor outside the main hall, there is a bronze bell which was built by Fu Kangan and his army. The statue of Guan Yu is enshrined in the center of main hall, with two same height statues of two generals on his right and left sides. On the left side of statue of Guan Yu, there is statue of Gesar which is hero in Tibetans' hearts.

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