Yunnan-Tibet Highway
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Yunnan-Tibet Highway

Update: Jan. 11th, 2013

Bridge on Yunnan-Tibet Highway

Yunnan-Tibet Highway has a total length of 1930 kilometers. Compared to the other highways heading toward Tibet, Yunnan-Tibet Highway enjoys a relatively lower altitude. Only 39 kilometers of this highway is more than 4000 meters above the sea level and 239 kilometers of this highway enjoys an altitude around 3000-4000 meters. 803 kilometers of Yunnan-Tibet Highway are in the area under the administration of Tibet Autonomous Region.

Introduction of Yunnan Tibet Highway

The construction of the sections of Yunnan-Tibet Highway belong to the State Highway G219 was completed and put into use in 1976. Yunnan-Tibet Highway plays important role in the highway traffic of Southwestern China. It connects the Southern Route of Sichuan-Tibet Highway and the Kunming-Burma International Highway. It heads toward Dorpuma (located on the boundary of Qinghai Province and Tibet Autonomous Region) from Jinghong in Yunnan Province via Mankon, Zogang, Qamdo Prefecture and Riwoche.

Yunnan-Tibet Highway has been the choice for a large number of domestic tourists willing to make a Tibet adventure tour to Tibet. Actually, Yunnan-Tibet Highway is quite noted for it stretches in the dangerous mountain areas with complicated landform. According to statistics, there are 4 large bridges, 112 middle & small sized bridges, 3 deep tunnels and 1764 culverts. Besides, it is measured that the Yunnan-Tibet Highway has a barricade of 169,000 cubic meters in total. Hence, Yunnan-Tibet Higheay is widely regarded as a highway to Tibet which integrated the dangerous, wonderful and beautiful factors together.

Notes for Tibet Tour through Yunnan-Tibet Highway

Tourists who've made a self-driving tour to Tibet through Yunan-Tibet Highway hold that the best season to travel on this highway is between August and October. It should be noted that the road condition between Zhongdian and Monkon is pretty worse, especially in the rainy season. Natural disasters, such as land slide and debris flow happen frequently in the rainy season. It is necessary to collect accurate information regarding the specific climate condition and road condition before start the trip.

The board and lodging condition along Yunnan-Tibet Highway is relatively better in the area under the administration of Yunnan Province. The accommodation condition along this highway would be pretty limited after you enter into the area under the administration of Tibet Autonomous Region. Tourists making a self-driving tour along Yunnan-Tibet Highway are strongly suggested to prepare certain solid food in case of need during the journey.

Natural Landscapes along Yunnan-Tibet Highway

Tourists planning a self-driving tour to Tibet along Yunnan-Tibet Highway will have the chance to enjoy a series of natural landscapes. Kunming, noted as Spring City for it enjoys a spring-like climate all year around. It has been a famous domestic tourism city with numerous attractive scenic spots. Dali Ancient Town and Lijiang Ancient Town are famous scenic spots in Yunnan Province, where tourists could witness the ancient architectures and special folk customs.

Except for the historical cultural and historical landscapes, tourists making a self-driving tour to Tibet along Yunnan-Tibet Highway could also enjoy the picturesque natural scenery, such as the Yulong Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain. Tourists could also enjoy the amazing landscape of Shangri-la, Monkon and Bangda Ptairie.

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