Zhaji Monastery
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Zhaji Monastery

Update: Dec. 27th, 2012

Zhaji Monastery

Brief Introduction of Zhaji Monastery

Zhaji Monastery is a small monastery in Lhasa. Although the scale of Zhaji Monastery is small, the incense in the monastery is particularly exuberant.

There is no written material about Zhaji Monastery. We only can get some information about Zhaji Monastery from local Tibetans. It is said that the Buddha enshrined in the Zhaji Monastery is the god of wealth who is very efficacious. In fact, this monastery was not famous for the efficacious god of wealth at first. It is said that the Zhaji Monastery was built for visitors to pray for safe. But the visitors at that time almost are businessmen, and their wishes almost came true after prayed in Zhaji Monastery. Hence, the Zhaji Monastery gradually became the monastery of wealth.

According to the introduction of local Tibetans, each Wednesday is time to worship god in Zhaji Monastery. Hence, there are various pilgrims at Zhaji Monastery on each Wednesday.

Worship Zhaji Monastery

The Zhaji Monastery is located on Zhaji Road, on northern suburbs of Lhasa. It is the only monastery of wealth in the whole Tibet. The incense in Zhaji Monastery is very exuberant. Local Tibetans will worship Zhaji Monastery on Monday for wealth; worship Zhaji Monastery on Wednesday for safe; and worship Zhaji Monastery on Friday for health. Since the god of wealth in Zhaji Monastery has drinking habit, you can buy a bottle of liquor, several bundles of wormwood and pine needles in the small shop at the gate of monastery before worshipping the god of wealth. Of course, you also can prepare Hada and ghee if convenient.

According to legends, the Zhaji Goddess which is enshrined in the side hall of Zhaji Monastery came from inland. She is very efficacious. Different from other monastery in Tibet, there are various pilgrims from inland or from Han Nationality. The divination in Zhaji Monastery is also very famous in Tibet.

Legend of Zhaji Monastery

According to legends, the Zhaji Goddess is the God of Law in the World (there are different class about God of Law in Tibetan Buddhism. The God of Law in the world refers to the God of Law who has not separated from the world, and still need to accumulate merits. The term opposite to the God of Law in the World is "God of Law out of the World" which is with small numbers in Tibetan Buddhism pantheon). Since the God of Law still has relationship with all living creatures, she will turn to the shape of people to contact with living creatures. The Zhaji Goddess in Zhaji Monastery is one of this kind of God. She is very efficacious. The exuberant incense of Zhaji Monastery is closely related with believers' pious belief in this Goddess.

When you worship Zhaji Monastery in your Tibet tour, you can first burn the pine needles at the gate. Then, worship a bottle of liquor, a Hada and a bottle of ghee to the main hall.

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