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Tibetan Special Products

Update: Dec. 28th, 2011

Tibetan Masks

Tibetan Special Products – Mask

Mask is named "ba" in Tibetan language. It was originated from religion, which can be divided into three parts: sacred mask, Tibetan Opera mask and folk singing and dancing mask.

In Tibetan, every monastery will hold sacred ceremony (Qiangmu) in every important religious festival. The masks used in the ceremony include apparition, protective deities, gods and animal designs. Every kind of deity mask commonly hanged on the beam column of monasteries, like protective deities, Pelden Lhamo, Hayagriva and a kind of sacred mask which is named "zan".

It is commonly see in Tibet that Tibetan opera mask. It is divided into blue mask and white mask. Depends on the Tibetan opera plot, there will appear every kind of figure masks, like king, princess, immortal, ghost.

As for the difference of district and usage, Tibetan mask presents various forms and characteristics.

Tibetan Special Products – Tibetan Sword

Tibetan sword is necessary things for Tibetans. It can be used to cut meat, protect themselves, and as accessories. Commonly, man style Tibetan sword is boorish and sharp, while woman style is delicate and elegance. You can buy Tibetan sword on temporary stall or in stores. And the price of Tibetan sword is from tens to hundreds. The most famous are "lazhi sword" and "xietongmen sword" in Shigatse district. The delicate silver sheath is the main characteristic. It is hard for others to imitate the meticulous carving work.

Tibetan Special Products – Carpet

It is traditional Tibetan handicraft, and widely spread in Tibet. There are handicraft textiles co-operatives in every district and the style differs from the local custom. The style includes carpet, tapestry, small carpet and various accessories. "Jiangzi" carpet is famous in world market. The products are sold in many countries.

Tibetan Special Products – Cordyceps Sinensis

Its shortened form is Cordyceps. It is a kind of tonic. The nature of it is tender, and taste is sweet. It is good for lung and kidney, stopping bleeding and reducing phlegm. To use 1 or 3 kails of cordyceps to cook with chicken or duck is beneficial to prolong life. It will be ok to put it into wine and drink.

Tibetan Special Products – Snow Lotus

There are many kinds of snow lotus in Tibet. It is the symbol of sanctity for it grows in iceberg and snowfields. Snow lotus grows in the barren hillside of high mountains which is 4800-5800 meters in altitude and among gravel which is near to snow line. The characteristic of snow lotus is it can adapt to high mountain environment for it grows under the cold and drought environment. The cells of snow lotus contain large amount of soluble sugar, protein, lipid and other matters. All parts of the snow lotus can be regarded as medicine. It owns the functions of dispelling cold; enrich blood and warming uterus. It mainly used to treat gynecological disease, rheumatoid arthritis, asthenia of kidney and lumbago. Saussurea medusa maxim is useful for strengthening heart. Snow lotus is commonly eaten by boiling with water or steeping in wine. External application of snow lotus can reduce swelling.

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