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Horn Comb

Update: Dec. 28th, 2011

Horn Comb

Brief Introduction of Horn Comb

It is recorded in Compendium of Medical Materials that horn comb can "clear away heat and toxic materials, nourish yin and cool blood, lower blood pressure, and relieve humidity and so on". So, ox horn is a kind of precious traditional Chinese medicinal materials. Tibetans make natural ox horn into comb. If one uses the horn comb for a long time, it not only can prevent hair loss, but also can clear away heat and cool blood, refresh, decrease pressure, adjust blood pressure, prevent headache, relieve rigidity of muscles and activate energy, improve immune system and work on nervous breakdown. So, it is nice to buy a horn comb to send to your friends or as souvenir in you Tibet tour.

As Tibetan horn comb is made up of natural material, and made by hand, so there are some unique flaw on every comb. Every horn comb is unique in the world. It is nice present with health function and art collection value.

Materials of Horn Comb

Ox horn, goat horn, sandalwood, cedar and so on.

Classification of Horn Comb

Base on its material, the combs can be divided into ox horn comb, buffalo horn comb, yak horn comb, sheep horn comb and goat horn comb and so on.

Identification Methods of Horn Comb

There are natural veins, or little white spot, stripes on real horn comb. The comb is heavy and with black and light color. It is with good hand feel. It is not easy to dirty, change form, or broke; and can keep its form in normal temperature. When you use it, it will not cause static, vey nice. As most of ingredients of it are animal static and calcium, it will send out horn smell when it is heated and strong scorched smell when it fired.

Maintenance Methods of Horn Comb

As it is very crisp, so don't throw it on ground. Don't put it in damp environment for that will make it bend, or out of shape, and it may appear crackle when serious. So, you must dry it in time after use it to comb wet hair, and put it at dry and ventilated place. For new comb, don't pull, or pack the comb teeth, or use chemical liquid to wash it. Especially don't put it in hot water.

Repair Methods of Horn Comb

When the comb teeth bend or out of shape, you can toast it on fire slightly, and use proper weight thing to press it, then it will come back.

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