Shopping in Tibet
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Shopping in Tibet

Update: Dec. 28th, 2011

Shopping in Tibet

Shopping in Tibet – Special Local Products

Jiacha Stonework: Jiacha is rich in graphite stone which is so tender that can be carved easily. To make food by using the pots which made of graphite stone is fragrant and can keep warn. The Jiacha stone pots and bowls with delicate designs on it are famous local special products. The Jiacha wooden bowls and bottles are belonging to high class work in material, techniques, color, designs and usage.

Jiedexiu Apron: Jiedexiu town located in Gonggar County. It is one of the eight great towns. There are many little shops in the town, and every family owns one or more spinners. The products they made ever regarded as oblation in the history. The handicraft apron in this town is light in color and last long; it is the most famous sort in Tibet. The apron in Jiedexiu town is various in type and designs.

Qiongjie Jade Products: Jade in Tibetan can be divided into corundum and nephrite based on its texture. The corundum comes from Renbu County, Shigatse; while nephrite comes from Qiongjie. Qiongjie Jade is white and green, tender and smooth. There are over 100 types of products in Qiongjie where is a good place for tourist shopping.

Shopping in Tibet – Gold and Silver Products

The process of gold and silver products is the most complex and difficult traditional technics in Tibetan national handicraft. There are two procedures to make gold and silver products. First, put the gold or silver on the charcoal fire to heat it, and use hammer to beat it into semi-finished products; then, carve delicate designs on the semi-finished products, so the product complete. Most of the bracelets, necklace, headdress, sheath, goblet and other gold and silver products are carved with various delicate designs.

Shopping in Tibet – Exotic Flowers and Rare Herbs

Solanum muricatum is named "luma" in Tibetan language. It is a kind of perennial herb. The height is about 10cm-25 cm. the leaves of it is green, flower is yellow, the pulp is white and taste sweet.

Snow lotus grows on the over 4 kilometers jokul. It can endure low temperature and cold wind. The flower looks like lotus pod, the top of the flower like lotus, hence it is named snow lotus. It is valuable in medicine.

Cordyceps sinensis also named cordyceps. It is a kind of organism with plant and animal together. It is insect in winter while plant in summer. It is precious medicine. Cordyceps, the taste is sweet and acid, nature is tender, and smell is fragrance, which is a good tonic.

Rhodiola is widely used in Tibet to treat hemoptysis, pneumonia, coughing and other diseases. Rhodiola is effective to strengthen the body resistance. Long-term use can improve the immunity.

Saffron is better than rhodiola for its increasing blood function. As for this kind of herb was introduced from India to Tibet and introduced into inland, people named it saffron.

Shopping in Tibet – Living Goods

Tent in Tibet can be divided into three kinds: the first one is strong yak hair tent which is necessary for Tibetan herdsman; the second one is canvas tent with the designs of flower, patterns, figures, animal and auspicious designs on the top, it is used when they go out to work; the third one is small tent which used when they visit Lingka and in festivals.

There are many kinds of national hats, and the most famous is "Ciren Jinke". No matter its process, or its style and color are full of national characteristics.

Tibetan shoes is made by cow leather as the shoe sole, and the upper part is made up of colorful silk strings, leathers, Tibet wool.

Tibetan sword can be used as decoration, protect, produce and living tool. Commonly, there carved the designs of dragon, phoenix, tiger, lion on the bronze sheath, some of them also decorated with jewel and agate. Tibetan sword is good looking and durable.

Wooden bowl is various in type and style. The texture is strong. The advantages of wooden bowl is convenience, durable, smooth, elegance and easy taking.

Tibetan famous local special products include cordyceps sinensis, saffron, rhodiol, snow lotus and so on. Especially the cordyceps, saffron are very precious. Tibetan medicine is also effective for some disease. You can buy these things base on your condition. Presently, there are China Bank, Construction Bank, Agriculture Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in Tibet. So please prepare cash and bank card before going to Tibet.

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