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Tibet Shopping Guide

Update: Dec. 28th, 2011

Shopping in Tibet

Lhasa Department Store

Address: No.1, Yutuo Road (Left of Potala Palace)

Main Management: Every kind of goods. It includes catering, entertainment, lodging, body-building and leisure facilities.

Feature: Comfortable and lightening shopping condition. There are central air conditioner, automatic cash register and elevator. The types of the goods are various and price is mainly in middle class.

Floor Distribution: the first floor includes articles of daily use, non-staple food, wine and tobacco, health medicine and some household electrical appliances; The second floor includes every kind of clothes, shoes, hats, knit goods and bed necessaries; The third floor includes local flavor snacks, place for drinking tea, fast food, bowling ball and other entertainment facilities; the fourth floor is three star standard housekeeping department.

Ozark Mountaineering and Hiking Exclusive Shop

It is a famous mountaineering and hiking equipment exclusive shop in the world.

Main Management: Mountaineering wears, mountaineering equipments, backpack, shoes, gloves, glasses and other things. All of these goods are from famous brand, are expensive.

Address: North side of Potala palace

Telephone: 6816379

Qinshan Hiking Equipment Shop

Main Management: Every kind of travelling bag, gloves, water resist clothes, tent, sleeping pads, scarf, hats, leg wrappings, black glasses, skin care products. Most of backpacks and tent are from South Korea and Nepal. The price is in middle class.

Address: No.131, East Road, Beijing

Professional Tangka Painting Department in Barkhor

Main Management: Tailor-made and sale every kind of Tangka. Many foreign visitors come here to buy Tangka.

Feature: It is a famous Tangka shop. The painter is the successor of famous Pengbo Tangka sect. the Tangka he made is beautiful and good market. The shop owner can say Chinese and English. If you are interested in Tangka, you can study here for free.

Address: No.10, East Street, Barkhor Street

Handicraft Tangka Elaborate Product Exclusively Sell Shop

Main Management: Making and sale of handicraft Tangka, handcraft articles

Feature: The painter is the son-in-law of famous Tangka painter. This shop is the earliest Tangka making and selling shop. Most of the Tangka are tailor-made. Some people in Yunnan province also come here to buy Tangka. The shop owner can say Chinese.

Price: From hundreds to ten thousand which is decided by the size and ornament of the Tangka.

Address: No.83, North Street, Barkhor Street

Telephone: 6830690

Lagang Clothes Shop

Main Management: Clothes, shoes, hats and cosmetics

Feature: Most of the goods are come from Nepal and Indian, in fashion style and low price. Local people and visitors are like to go.

Address: No.4, North Street, Barkhor Street

Potala Palace Tangka Gallery

Address: Management of Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet.

Telephone: 6826356

Main Management: Tibetan style pure wool handicraft tapestry, carpet, silk carpet, jewel, jade articles, religious things, statues and folk handicrafts.

Xiamao Gabu Antique Shop

Main Management: Every kind of metal Buddha statue in every period, antiquity crafts and Tangka.

Features: It has run over 70 years, is an old shop in Barkhor Street. The quantity and quality of goods are good. All of these goods are from Nepal, very famous.

Address: No112, North Street, Barkhor Street

Telephone: 6336518

Saikang Mall

Main Management: Every kind of tourist souvenir, electric apparatus, carpet, clothes and hats

Address: No.1, East Street, Barkhor Street.

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