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Ten Tibetan Things

Update: Dec. 28th, 2011

Tibet Carpet

Ten Tibetan Things – Jewels

Tibetan jewels include pearl, agate, gold and silver products. Different Tibetan accessories stand for different meaning; and the different style of the same accessories also owns different meaning. But most of they stands for blessing. For example, the precious Tibetan dzi beads, "single eye dzi beads" stand for wisdom, "double eyes dzi beads" can bless harmonious marriage, while "Three eyes dzi beads" can bring fortune. Tibetan bracelets and rings are often made up of silver, with Sanskrit carved on it, which is useful for driving off evil sprits and praying for blessing.

Ten Tibetan Things – Ox Bone Accessory

Yak is the best friend of Tibetans, which is praised as nice sacred animal by Tibetans. Ox bone, as a special accessory, is primitive and natural, boorish and bold. It can increase a kind of wild charm for the wearer.

Ten Tibetan Things – Tibetan Sword

Tibetan sword is necessary thing of Tibetans, which can be used to cut meat, protect themselves and as a special accessory. Male style Tibetan sword is very boorish and sharp, while female style Tibetan sword is delicate and exquisite. The delicate silver sheath is the main characteristic of Tibetan sword, and the delicate carving skill is exquisite.

Ten Tibetan Things – Tibetan Mask

Tibetan mask is a kind of handicraft article which originated from religion. It is named "Ba" in Tibetan language. Commonly, it can be divided into "sacred mask", "hanging mask" and "Tibetan opera mask". The designs on sacred mask include ghost, guardian of Buddhism, immortal, animal totem and so on, which mainly used in the sacred ceremony of every solemn festival. Hanging mask is the image of every Buddha, like guardian of Buddhism, Pelden Lhamo, Hayagriva and so on. Most of Tibetan masks are popular among people. It can be divided into blue mask and white mask. Base on the plot of Tibetan opera, there will appear various figure masks, like king, princess, ghost and so on.

Ten Tibetan Things - Thangka

Thangka is a kind of scroll painting with dense Tibetan characteristics. Most of the paintings are Buddha and Bodhisattva; also include some plants and animals, mountains and seas, medicine and astronomy.

Ten Tibetan Things – Pulu (Tibetan Wool)

Pulu is the transliteration of Tibetan language. It is a kind of wool made up by hand; include black, red, green and other colors. It is important material of Tibetan clothes, Tibetan shoes, and Tibetan hat. It is very tight and effective for keeping warm.

Ten Tibetan Things – Tibetan Carpet

Tibetan carpet is Tibetan traditional handicraft, and the style differs from different district. The style includes carpet, tapestry and small rug. Tibetan carpet is with special weaving techniques, bright color, soft and subtle surface. It will not fade after washing and can use for a long time. With the dense nationality color and designs on it, it is valuable for appreciation and collection.

Ten Tibetan Things – Tibetan Incense

It is a very good tourist souvenir. Tibetans will use it in worshipping, driving off evil spirits and religious activities. Tibetan incense with dense fragrance can be put in wardrobe to prevent worms. Some Tibetan incense with special ingredient in it can prevent infectious diseases, epidemic disease and so on.

Ten Tibetan Things – Tibetan Medicine

Tibetans form their special Tibetan medicine system when they fight against nature and diseases. Many Tibetan medicines are effective for cardiovascular disease, tumor and other diseases. "High mountain snow lotus", "rhodiola" and "musk" are famous and precious Tibetan medicine. You can buy it in some common shops and tourism shops.

Ten Tibetan Things – Religious Souvenir

When mentioned Tibetan religion, Lama Religion which with dense nationality color and its mysterious atmosphere will appear in mind. And the craft souvenir, like prayer wheel, carved scripture, stone Buddha statue and so on, will give people the feeling of mystery and dignity. In this sense, we can say that these are the symbols of Tibetan long history religion.

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