How to Distinguish Dzi Beads
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How to Distinguish Dzi Beads

Update: Dec. 28th, 2011

Dzi Beads

It is recorded in traditional Tibetan medicine that the real pure old dzi beads not only can improve human immunity, but also effective for preventing apoplexy. However, the amount of real "pure old dzi beads" is fixed and rare. It is not like diamond and gem which can get from exploiting mine. Under the condition of serious unbalance of supply and need and lack of information, there appear some fake dzi beads which are named "new dzi beads" in the market. These fake dzi beads are made up from cheap resin, serpentine, glass and little expensive agate.

The decorative design on the new dzi beads is formed by the erosion of chemical medicine. The price of some new dzi beads is the four times of its cost. So, whether you can get real dzi beads depends on you merits and lot.

1. The dzi beads with ancient, dark and clear color, clear decorative designs, in ellipse shape and hypertrophic are the best.

2. Although dzi beads were dressed by many persons in history so that the damage is inevitable, there should not appear the signs of heavily damaged, rupture and reprocessing (Tibetans think the damage of dzi beads is to prevent disaster, it has lost the function of protect).

3. It is very rare that the dzi beads with many eyes or the amount of the eyes is singular, so the price is expensive. The amount of eyes more near to nine, the dzi bead is better. If there are too many eyes on a dzi bead, it becomes the thousand eyes dzi beads which will be cheaper. The size of each eye more near, it's better.

4. The techniques of making new dzi beads are becoming mature. If necessary, you can distinguish the dzi beads in clean water or under the light.

5. On the surface of some dzi bead, there is vermilion. But, Japanese can imitate this feature by laser. The rule to distinguish is to watch the deep of the vermilion whether distributed in abnormal form.

6. As for long history and dressed by many persons, the surface of dzi beads will appear some weathered patterns (also named "scaly figure") which are in abnormal distribution.

7. The perforation of dzi beads must same as the surface in color and smooth degree. And the best are milky or light yellow and dark brown take the second place.

8. The surface of dzi beads should appear a layer of natural shiny and waxy moist feeling.

9. There should not appear big fissures on the eyes of the dzi beads with eyes. It will decrease its price.

The before-mentioned ways need some time to practice and distinguish. So, don't quickly buy dzi beads for its good looking. If all the ways are not work, there is another directly way. You can ask for help from the people who can distinguish it by naked eyes.

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