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Must Buy List

Update: Dec. 29th, 2011

Shopping in Tibet

Must Buy List  - The Dzi Beads

You can buy it in Barkhor Street, Lhasa or some tourist shops. It can be dressed on neck, wrist, ears and waist.

Must Buy List - Jewel and Accessory

Tibetan jewel and accessories includes pearl, agates, coral, rammel, wax, Diz Beads and so on. Except these, also includes various jade products, gold and silver products. In ancient, rich Tibetans like to buy jewel for their wives to show their wealth. Now, in Barkhor Street, Lhasa and some tourist shops, you can buy delicate accessories.

Must Buy List - Cordyceps Sinensis

The shortened form of cordyceps sinensis is cordyceps. Cordyceps, ginseng and cartialgenous are listed as the Three Great Tonics of China. It is effective for some disease. As for it owns the function of "Magic Grass", many Tibetans will spend money to buy some; steep in wine or stew.

Must Buy List - Tibetan Sword

It is indispensable for Tibetans. It is a kind of special accessories too. Commonly, man style Tibetan sword is boorish and sharp, while woman style is delicate and elegance. The most famous Tibetan swords are the "Gongbu Sword" in Gongbu, "Lhazhi Sword" and "Xietongmen Sword" in Shigatse district. The delicate silver sheath is the main characteristic. It is hard for others to imitate the meticulous carving work.

Must Buy List - Tibetan Mask

Tibetan mask is a kind of craftwork which originated from religion. It was named "Ba" in Tibetan language. It can be divided into three kinds: "Sacred mask", "Hanging Mask" and "Tibetan Opera Mask". In Tibetan, every monastery will hold sacred ceremony in every important religious festival. The masks used in the ceremony include apparition, protective deities, gods and animal designs. Every kind of deity mask commonly hanged on the beam column of monasteries, like protective deities, Pelden Lhamo, Hayagriva and a kind of sacred mask which is named "zan".

It is commonly see in Tibet that Tibetan opera mask. It is divided into blue mask and white mask. Depends on the Tibetan opera plot, there will appear every kind of figure masks, like king, princess, immortal, ghost. Tibet mask, as decorate, is valuable in art. It is welcomed by many visitors, especially foreign visitors like it very much.

Must Buy List of Shopping in Tibet - Tangka

It is a kind of painting scroll full of Tibetan characteristics. Most of them are Buddha and Bodhisattva statues; also includes some animals, plants, mountains and rivers. As there are many folk artists in Tibetan, you can buy Tangka in Tibet easily. There are several big Tangka shop in Barkhor Street where sale beautiful Tangka works. Everyday, there will attract large amount of visitors come and buy Tangka.

Must Buy List - Tibetan Carpet

It is Tibetan traditional handicrafts. The style is differs for different custom and districts. The style of Tibetan carpet includes carpet, tapestry and small carpet. The most famous is Jiangzi carpet. Commonly, the surface of Tibetan carpet is subtle and tender, beautiful and elegance. It is endurable. It is valuable for viewing and collecting.

Except these, there are many popular Tibetan collections. They are wooden bowls, Tibetan sword, flint, jewel and precious jade, prayer wheels, Tangka, stone Buddha, Butter Lantern holder, tent, travel bag, carpet, tapestry, Tibetan boots, Tibetan clothes, and so on.

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